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I failed to capture the sun in a jar

Yesterday I attempted to make a DIY sun jar using these teriffic instructions by Cre8tor at Instructables. Go read those and come back here. Ok? So, I went out and found some reasonably priced solar garden lights and when I opened the box I was pleased to find they were unassembled, which allowed me to get to the wire bits more easily.

The parts came unassembled.

All I have to do is unscrew the bottom panel.

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attack of the ice balls

One of my recent finds during a trip to Daiso was this ice ball mold:


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Choo choo! Check out the rock candy smoke. It’s so cute my brain hurts a little.

Williams-Sonoma always has some baking item I lust over but simply don’t need (pumpkin cake pan, stadium pan!) but this season there are a few items which are really tempting me. First is the Railyway cake pan. It’s a train, a whole train, with an engine and a caboose! I’m so excited. (Now, one could do the same with some cleverly decorated mini loaf cakes…) The other thing tempting me is this 3-D cookie set. I’ve seen 3-D cookies before but I find the way it’s all packaged together for you oddly comforting.

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I’ve been a fan of the things Tops Malibu makes for a while, and it’s great to see this page on the story of the surprise ball show up on their site. I remember getting a very small small surprise ball out of a gumball machine in, I think, Oklahoma as a kid. It was so much fun to discover and I never forgot about it, so when I found the Tops Malibu surprise balls being sold in a shop near my apartment in San Francisco a few years ago I was very pleased to find out they were still being made.

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This ice cream cone cupcake pan at Williams-Sonoma is adorable. via anh-minh.

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I have a new toy – this silicon ice ball mold from Muji. It fits together with pressure, you pour water in through the little hole at the top and the next day you have a sphere of ice. I’m just waiting for an excuse to have a big bowl of punch with balls of ice floating in it. And think of the Halloween possibilities. The sphere is pictured here in a pint glass, and it keeps a glass of water very cold.

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Neato – puzzle cookie cutter by MUJI.

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The travel finger puppet theater at Angry Chicken is so charming!

It also makes me think of the Gnome & Garden kit, which is not really the same thing, but they share the postcard sized changing background.

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I bought one of those rubber ice cube molds at Ikea the other week. It’s four oversize cubes. At first I just thought huge ice cubes would be funny but now I’m realizing you can freeze larger items inside of them, and Halloween is coming.

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