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What cooking secrets take your food to the almost-pro level? | Ask Metafilter. A couple of suggestions to use Marmite to boost umami.

CakeSpy: Put a Lid On It: How To Ship Cupcakes in Mason Jars, from

Cheese Souffle | Steamy Kitchen. Oh man. That looks good.

10 Beginner Cookbooks : Helpful titles for the novice cook – CHOW.

Seattle Tall Poppy: The Sustainable Seafood & Sushi Guide…for your iPhone.

What is your best, favorite bourbon for under $100? | Ask Metafilter.

Big Green Egg. Worth it? | Ask Metafilter.

ArtJournal – Pickles, Appearances and Purchases.. A pickle recipe in cartoon format.

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Know any colors that changed the world? | Ask Metafilter.

Bang Bang Diet iPhone app. at Kottke.

Apartment Therapy New York | Best Outdoor Lighting 2009: Tips & Products.

Were B+W movie sets painted B+W? | Ask Metafilter.

Why are windscreen wipers so, well, crap? Am I mistreating my wipers? Is there a better brand to use? | Ask Metafilter.

Bodies in Motivation » Knee pain and 30 Day Shred. Excellent information and links on knee pain you can develop while working out. I have discovered that as my legs gets stronger my knee pain lessens.

Bodies in Motivation » Explaining Exercises. A nice explanation of how combining types of exercises works to build your metabolism, and video of how to do burpees (oof).

What I Learned Today – The Week. This is a reminder to myself to subscribe to this.

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10 Most Downloaded WordPress Plugins of All Time | Best Design Options. Via Action Hero.

Graphic Adventure ‘Simon the Sorcerer’ Comes to the iPhone | Touch Arcade.

‘Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor’ – A Wonderfully Imaginative Game (Review) | Touch Arcade.

What is the best way to go about getting an expired domain? | Ask Metafilter.

Rethinking the Cost of Websites » Blog: Raised Eyebrow Web Studio, Inc..

swissmiss | Web Canvas. A Firefox plugin that shows web designers different screen sizes so you can design for everybody.

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Gridr Buildrrr via Swiss Miss

Plastic Logic Reader at Cool Hunting

Pogo Sketch, a stylus for the iPhone

What was the first website to hide troll’s activity to everyone but the troll himself? at Ask Metafilter

This is how Social Media really works at A Whole Lotta Nothing. See also Online Marketing 2009, snort.

Crabble iPhone Stand at Mighty Goods

What are the most fun and useful iPhone apps? at Ask Metafilter

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Examples of repurposed inventions? at Ask Metafilter

Who’s the Dr. Phil for the Dan Savage audience? at Ask Metafilter

Business card folded to make handy things for your iPhone at Core77, scroll a bit to find them

Your NPR Name at Lianablog

17 cool magnet tricks at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

The Stranger with Gordon Hempton, the man behind One Square Inch of Silence: One Man’s Search for Natural Silence in a Noisy World. I appreciate this, on our last retreat and relax style vacation Scott and I found ourselves at an isolated lodge on top of a foothill with a view of the Cascades, which was all lovely except that every five minutes an airplane would roar overhead. When we were out hiking it was exactly as Mr. Hempton says, “When a jet is flying overhead, your aural world has shrunk.”

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iPhone apps I like these days

Twitterrific – There are tons and tons of apps for Twitter, but I’m lazy and have kept using this one.

Stitcher – Lovely app that I use to catch up on public radio shows because I’m often too lazy to download them. It allows you to listen to all sorts of radio and podcasts and includes preset playlists or you can make your own.

Stanza – I swear I read more books because of this app, and it’s been perfect for reading in bed. You can configure all sorts of things that appeal to my nitpicky self, text size, alignment, font, page brightness, page turn style.

Public Radio Tuner – Because I got tired of carrying my radio around the house with me when All Things Considered was on. Allows you to listen to a huge number of public radio stations that stream. A new version, the Public Radio Player, is coming along soon.


Glyder – An enchanting flying game I’m completely smitten with. Everything about it is surprisingly soothing, and when you crash you lose very little, your character just reappears on a platform nearby. You have a few different kinds of goals to achieve (jewels to gather, trips to take) so you can be as meticulous or not as you’d like. The huge scale of it’s interior world is comparable to Shadow of the Colossus, the heights and depths you can explore are impressive and unexpected. And there are no controls you need to jab at, it’s all played by gently tilting your iPhone as your girl with wings sweeps through the air.

Drop7 Lite – This is Chain Factor for the iPhone. I lost much of last November to Chain Factor so it’s dangerous for me to have this. The lite version is newly addictive because it saves up what you score given X number of moves.

Rolando – A joyfully fun game. They are releasing Rolondo 2 soon and in the lead up are updating Rolando with a couple of new levels each week.

Archibald’s Adventure – A nice little platformer/puzzler that doesn’t frustrate me too much. An amazing amount of levels.

Bobby Carrot Forever – A blocky puzzler like Chip’s Challenge, incredible amount of levels. It doesn’t allow you to skip over levels though, and I’m currently stuck in an ice world I don’t find all that interesting. I think a few more Bobby Carrot games have been released as well.

Some other things I was excited to see, the point-and-click variety of games coming to the iPhone (it makes sense).

Submachine series, I played these in a browser and they stood out as very well done.

Myst for the iPhone. I played this on the PC what seems like ages ago, and I wonder how well the gameplay translates on a screen that is so much smaller.

If there are any apps or games you think I should check out I’d love to hear about them.

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Top 10 Free Blogging Platforms & Features For Web Designers at Specky Boy

I’m currently being tempted by the Roku player, though maybe it’s just a leftover desire from being snowed in this winter.

Questions about creating websites for small businesses. at Ask Metafilter

Twitteree Recommendations Wanted, a request from Kevin Kelly

Smarterware: Use your head (and great software). Via A Whole Lotta Nothing.

iPhone related:

iPhone CSS Design Gallery at Swiss Miss

Paper Pilot Review at Touch Arcade

Audioengine at Uncrate

Emergency Charger that uses regular batteries for those no-power situations, at Product Dose.

Google Book Search for the iPhone

WhatTheFont for the iPhone, at Swiss Miss.

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Free-Range Chickens, free e-book on iPhone

I’ve seen the book Free-Range Chickens by Simon Rich recommended twice in the last few days — first by Dooce and then by The Stranger. I have not read it yet but I was really happy to discover that it’s currently being offered as a free e-book though the Random House Free Library that I access on my iPhone through the Stanza e-reader. I’m not sure how long it will be offered so if you have an iPhone grab it if you’re curious. Also download The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death, I’ve loved Laurie Notaro for a while now and having this book during the Great Big Snow Storm has saved a bit of my sanity with all the hilarious.

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a little-known feature in the recent 2.1 update allows Web Apps to be displayed in full screen format without the Safari wrap at iSmashPhone

Target Digital Camera Gift Card, really? at Uncrate

Incase Power Slider, it provides an extra battery in the case to recharge you iPhone when you need it, at Uncrate

Autoformat Your Website for iPhones With Intersquash at Webmonkey

Angel Sword is a Zelda-like adventure for the iPhone, at Touch Arcade

TouchTerm Puts a Terminal Client on Your iPhone at Lifehacker

cardboard iPhone dock at Neatorama

Classic Dungeon Crawler ‘Rogue’ Comes to the iPhone at Touch Arcade

A minimal interface theme for Google Reader

Cubist Cherry and Mahogany iPod Stand at Mighty Goods

Freitag iPhone sleeve, so nice, at Swiss Miss

Super Secret Spy Lens at Uncrate

Night Camera: Image Stabilization for iPhone Camera Is Half of a Good Idea at iSmashPhone

Got Four Disposable Drinking Cups and Two Toothpicks? You Have an iPod Speaker System! at iSmashPhone

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clip joint DIY iPhone dock, at iSmashPhone

Botanicalls DIY Plant Twitter Kit at ThinkGeek

Karl Swedberg on How to Take Advantage of JQuery and other JavaScript libraries for your design at Swiss Miss

four track audio recorder for the iPhone at Wired

life-changing iPhone earbud cable wrapping tip at Ten Reasons Why

A DIY iPhone / iPod touch Hand Grip Accessory for the playing of hte games, at Touch Arcade

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a font with no name at Swiss Miss

Griffin Clarifi, protective case with built-in close-up lens for iPhone 3G. Macro photos are the one thing I really miss about my old cell phone.

What should I learn in order to do web development? at Ask Metafilter

iClooly Stand for the iPhone, and Simplifi iPod dock Uncrate

In space, no one can hear you scream like a child when the video game gets too scary at The Park Bench

Simple Solar Circuits at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

TouchType: Landscape email composition for the iPhone Mail and Firemail Turns iPhone Email On Its Side, at iSmashPhone

Speck Fitted Case for iPhone 3G, pretty and not too girly, at Outblush

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Freehands, winter gloves with fold back thumbs, made for iPhone users

Door Sixteen on her favorite mascara

rasp ring, for quick nail touch ups. I would accidentally scratch every expensive electronic thing within reach. At Outblush.

hollow spy coins! at Product Dose

LED Flickr Candles at Crate and Barrel

bullet ice cube trays, at Uncrate

Does anyone make a comfortable headband for women? at Ask Metafilter

Sugar Cubes Shaped Like Cinder Blocks at Neatorama

Tiltall Tripod at Cool Tools

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iPhone apps

Since getting my iPhone I have downloaded a lot of applications. Here are the ones I find I use regularly:

Stitcher Radio – This streams radio and podcasts straight to your phone, no need to download it in iTunes. The downside is that in order to comply with copyright the controls available to you are restricted. Still, it’s nice to have when you’ve listened to everything in your iPod, and it’s an easy way to get the NPR top of the hour news updates.

Pandora – I don’t listen to a lot of music and as a result when I do want to find some I’m overwhelmed. Pandora lets you plug in an artist (or artists) you like and it will play songs by that person and similar artists that other Pandora listeners liked. You can vote songs up or down as you go along. Like Stitcher, in order to comply with copyright the controls are limited and occasionally a song will just stop playing, but for somebody like me who just doesn’t have all that much mental space to devote to music it’s perfectly great.

Stanza – A nice ebook reader. The controls are simple and the free library is huge. Right now I’m reading Grimm’s Fairytales. I have to remember to load more books next time I find myself without a signal, rare but it happens.

Twitterrific – Easy to use Twitter thingy. Free and paid version.

Instapaper – Installing this on the iPhone was a little tricky, but the developer was a charming mixture of apologetic/exasperated/detailed. Simply, when you find an article in Safari you’d like to save for later you hit the Instapaper bookmark and it saves it in a text format which you download to the Instapaper app. It’s not perfect, but it is a space to keep things I want to read later on without filling up my Safari bookmarks. Also, it’s fun to rediscover that thing I wanted to read.

Jott – It takes recorded messages and sends them back to you as text. Easy way to save that thought you want to remember without having to type. Good for when you’re walking.

Toy Bot Diaries – This is an adorable little game and, like the reviews state, was the first time I played a game and forgot I was holding an iPhone. This is the first episode, $3.99, also has a free version.

TentsManiak Lite – A basic deduction game that I was glad to have while sitting in a waiting room where I couldn’t get a signal. Free version.

Cubicman Lite – It plays like Bloxorz. Free version.

Labyrinth LE – This is a metal ball in a wooden maze but the controls are superb, you get the illusion of real weight. Free version.

The two sites I use to keep up with iPhone news are iSmashPhone and Touch Arcade.

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Bootleg Demakes, this is the competition that Lively Ivy’s Little Girl in Underland game, which I mentioned previously, came from

micro bug spy cam at Product Dose

a font question at Ask Metafilter pointed me towards Vector Magic, a site which came in very handy last night

400+ Time Saving Photoshop Actions via Swiss Miss

I’m on the hunt for some new podcasts to keep me entertained at Ask Metafilter

Nintendo DSi at Uncrate, it has a built-in web browser

AirCurve iPhone speaker, nicely inexpensive, at Charles & Marie

Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User by David Pogue via Swiss Miss

A Simple Paper Clip Becomes An iPhone Stand at iSmashPhone

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two good iPhone games that happen to be free right now

Space Monkey and Aqua Forest — and a few more found over at Finger Gaming.

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