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Yay Obama! Yay America!

I’m so proud of Seattle today. A whole bunch of things I didn’t expect to be voted for passed and it looks like Seattle voters were really thinking about the future worth of our city. We voted for more light rail expansion, for preserving the Pike Place Market and for expanding and improving our parks. Statewide we also did good, death with dignity passed, and it’s almost being reported that Gregoire was re-elected. My fingers are crossed for Burner.

Last night here there was partying in the streets, happy people all over the place, and in my nieghborhood. We opened our doors to listen to our neighbors shouting thanks to one another. This is all so cool.

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vote, baby, vote

Today is the day. Please vote, it matters.

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two pears in love

I was setting the table last night and looked over to see this little scene on our buffet.

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shoe rack in FamilyFun magazine

Hey look, FamilyFun magazine has a version of my shoe rack in their November 2008 magazine. I’m flattered they found the idea print worthy, thank you Family Fun.

This isn’t a magazine I’d normally pick up so I found myself pleasantly surprised by all the good ideas inside. Aut-yum Leaves:

Pumpkin Pie-sicles:

and Pop! Corn, a Thanksgiving version of a Christmas Cracker:

Also, this issue has the Toy of the Year Awards, which will come in very handy as Scott and I navigate our way through two birthdays and Christmas for a niece and nephew.

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how much is a pound of coins worth?

Scott and I keep a big jar of loose change. We usually let it fill up and just take it to a Coinstar machine and accept the 10% charge. But this time we ignored the jar until it was overflowing and we’d moved on to just adding to the pile of change next to the jar. I suspected we had over $200 and didn’t really want to give Coinstar $20. So we counted and rolled it ourselves. I discovered that some banks (First Tech Credit Union here in Seattle) will let you hand over a big bag of coins and they’ll run through a sorting machine. But not our bank, of course. Our bank did give us as many free coin rolls as we could possibly want.

Lauren (thanks Lauren!) pointed me towards this page on the distribution of coin types in a jar that estimates mixed coins would average out to $12.96 a pound. I wanted to know how our jar compared so I kept notes. One thing, we regularly took quarters out of the jar to use for parking meters.

Total weight before sorting: about 22 pounds and 3 ounces

Number of rolled tubes (all had a few coins left over):
Quarters: 13 tubes
Dimes: 14 tubes
Nickels: 10 tubes
Pennies: 24 tubes

Number of one dollar coins: 7
Number of fifty cent pieces: 1

Canadian coins: $1.98 cents (one dollar coin, two quarters, four dimes, one nickel, three pennies)

Number of wheat pennies: 4
Oldest penny: 1936

Non-monetary: two guitar picks, two rubber bands, one small washer

Too disgusting to touch: approximately twenty pennies and one very beat up dime

Amount per pound: just over $11.27

Worth the time spent rolling the coins? Yes. A partner and a glass of wine and the exercise of counting out pennies is very satisfying.

Total bankable amount: $248.02

This will go into our sofa fund (I secretly think of it as half the cost of the matching ottoman). Our coins averaged to just a little over $11.27 per pound, less than the $12.96 average and probably the result of our poaching quarters out of the jar to use for parking. So there we go, next time we are eyeing our pile of change and trying to decide if the fee for the Coinstar is worth the convenience we can weigh things out and have a good idea.

Note: Coinstar doesn’t take the 10% if you exchange your coins for a gift certificate to a number of places, including Amazon, Starbucks and iTunes.

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OurStage music competition, asking for a little favor

Do you listen to a lot of music while you’re working at your desk? Feeling a little bored today? Like to listen to new music that you might not otherwise find? This might interest you.

Scott has entered a song into a competition over at OurStage and if his song wins there is a chance that he might get to open for Matt Nathanson at an upcoming show here in Seattle. And if that happens there is a chance that I might get to come along and be backstage as the, um, person who carries the guitar strap or something. This chance is enough to get me to beg suggest that, hey, if you’re not doing anything else you might get to listen to some new music and help vote Scott up in the rankings while you’re at it.

Here’s how it works, you go to this page (Male Singer/Songwriter) over at OurStage where you’ll find two random songs squared off against each other. Listen to a little bit (or all, if you’d like) of each song and rank them. Repeat. If you come across Scott’s song and you like it I’d be thrilled if you could vote for it and maybe move him up a little bit, thus getting me a little closer to being within touching distance of Matt Nathanson Scott and his excellent band members a little closer to a really exciting gig.

Scott goes by “Scott Andrew”, the title of the song is “Holding Back” and the cover art looks like this:

Take my thanks and go forth. If we win Scott wins I promise I’ll post pictures of me and Matt Nathanson the show.

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my very stuck zipper

This is my very stuck zipper. I’m not sure how I managed to get this garment zipped up in the first place but now I cannot unzip it. Does anybody have tips on working free a zipper that is this crooked?

update: Thanks to everybody for the recommendations! I started with pencil lead and that did the trick nicely. After only a few back and forths I freed the zipper and didn’t have any damaged teeth. Yay!

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interview at CraftBoom

My interview with CraftBoom is up, go read to discover which questions submitted by you kind people that I answered. Thank you so much for all the questions, I think I might answer more of them because I’m so grateful so many people took the time to submit them.

A huge thanks to Lisa, whom you might know better as the lady behind U-Handbag, where she sells hard to find handbag supplies, and the fabulous site U-Handblog.

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Test 4

This is, sigh, test number four of attempts to post from my iPhone. Again please disregard unless you’re anxious to find out if I’ve gotten the photos to show up yet or not.

update: Alrighty. This is what I’ve learned about the iPhone app for WordPress, you cannot change the size that the image posts, at least not yet, so you’ll have the thumbnail linking to the larger image effect which is inconvenient. The image won’t automatically realign itself, which is something that worked with my old phone and it’s suspiciously awesome camera. (Will the photo automatically rotate in Flickr? Must investigate.) The image will always appear below the text. But, I’ve figured how to fix the ../../../tmp business going on. If you happen to be trying to figure out the same thing let me know.

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painting this fence sure is fun

Hello, I need your help. I’m in the middle of being interviewed for a craft site and part of the interview is to make up five questions of my own to answer. I’ve been dragging my feet on that bit because ever time I try to think of something I go all Monty Python, “What is your favorite color?” “Blue. No, yel– Auuugh!”

So, with the permission of the interviewer, I’m going to ask you for questions. Anything you’d like to know about this site or my business? Questions don’t necessarily need to be craft related, or related to anything in particular, but considering the craft slant on the interview it might be an advantage. I’ll choose the five questions that catch my fancy (aka. seem like ones I won’t have to think to hard to answer) and let you know when the interview is up.

Please ask questions in the comments. My undying zombie gratitude!

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Legal Land – Lego video

I keep seeing people link to this Lego video but I hadn’t had time to stop and watch it yet. Turns out, not only is it so very fun but it was made by the husband of a reader. The video is part of a competition and if he, that is Michael Leonard, gets enough votes he could win $10K to attend law school. I say? The world needs more lawyers who know how to make Lego stop motion techno videos that can make you laugh.

Watch the video Legal Land, then go here and vote for Michael Leonard. Good luck Michael!

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Victoria, B.C. is a lovely place

Recently we took a short trip to Victoria, BC. We used a Clipper vacation package — you hop on a boat in Seattle which drops you off in Victoria two and a half hours later with, hopefully, your hotel van waiting just on the other side of customs. Most hotels are mere blocks away.

Victoria BC is a small town with a ton of stuff to do, with Butchart Gardens being the one everybody asks about. We did not visit Butchart Gardens because for this short trip the interest level/entrance fee/travel time (it’s about half an hour north of Victoria) didn’t weigh out with my goal of doing nothing much at all. If you are car-less you can get there via a tour bus or the regular public transportation bus.

Victoria is a very walkable/wanderable town, and the Victorian architecture and Canadian-ness of it all make it charming. I was a little worried about the size while looking at the map, but ten blocks in any direction from the hotel had us where we wanted to go so there was never any desire to rent a car or scooter to get around. [Read more →]

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a plea to the musicial set

Do you happen to have a copy of the current Disc Makers catalog (shown above) taking up valuable space on your dining room table? I’d like to persuade you to trade it to me for, uh, something of equal value. You see, that is Scott’s current CD* shown on the cover and we’d really like to have a copy for posterity. Funnily enough, we don’t get the Disc Makers catalog anymore. Do you have one you’re willing to part with? Let me know and we’ll make a deal, notmartha AT gmail DOT com, thanks. Ok, I have secured one, thanks to everybody who wrote in. I somehow suspected Disc Makers sent out an awful lot of these.

* His CD Release Show is Friday, July 18th at Egan’s in Ballard, you should come!

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my move to new hosting, thrillingly easy

Hi, hello. I’ve moved this site to new hosting, and except for that bit where my Technical Advisor was too busy practicing with his band* to help me out a few days earlier, it was nicely painless. I’m very happy in my new home at Media Temple, and a huge thanks to Susie at Boygirlparty for the emphatic recommendation.

A few things are looking wonky around here as a result of upgrading to the latest version of WordPress during the move, and I have plans to makes some small changes while we’re at it. But mostly we can all carry on.

* Scott’s having a “Damn, I Should’ve Had A CD Release Party” party at Egan’s in Ballard (here in Seattle) on Friday, July 18th. You should come!

While I was away I made popsicles and cut some lavender:

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frozen grapes and cold beer for dinner

It’s been awfully hot here and we’re all moving a bit slow including, it seems, my site. Unexplainable technical difficulties have been plaguing me since last week so I’m in the midst of packing it all up and moving it to a new home. The site might blip away for a while, but don’t worry, I’ll return.

In the mean time I’ve been watching happily as my newly planted lavender blooms enough to let me cut a little bit this year. But only at night when it’s cooled down a bit. Man.

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