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almost daily photo: April 13th

[close up of the offending Sharpie in question]

My RSS feed broke, the engine light in my car is on, I was late to meet a friend at the bakery and when I got there I knocked a vase off of a table in a dramatic fashion, the cap of a Sharpie in my bag came off leaving some ugly black spots and when I got home I discovered I have a run in my Spanx. It’s only 1:30 in the afternoon. I sincerely hope your day is going better than mine.

update: I also forgot to put a title on this post, which I’ve just fixed. Hey, if you are looking at this in a feed reader and cannot see the moody photo of the offending Sharpie let me know and I’ll try to figure out why RSS might still be broken. My thanks!

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almost daily photo: April 12th

[a conical crepe held in my hand]

Lunch today was a mushroom and spinach crepe from Tokyo Sweets. I learned that it’s really difficult to unzip your bag and pull out a camera when you cannot put your food down. Also that shortly after taking this photo I was wishing I had a spork.

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almost daily photo: April 6th

[a Delorean with the license plate OUTATYM]

I couldn’t have hoped for a better car to be stuck behind in traffic. It sure beat the cop car I had been stuck behind earlier in the day.

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almost daily photo: April 4th

[Kevin Smith on stage]

We went to see Red State at McCaw Hall on it’s stop here in Seattle. It was interesting to see an indie film on a gigantic screen in a huge fancy theater packed with casually dressed fans.

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almost daily photo: April 2nd

[pretty packaging at the Seattle Bakesale for Japan]

I dropped off my goods for the Seattle Bakesale for Japan and didn’t get many pictures. This label was awfully cute though! There were a surprising amount of macarons at the sale.

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almost daily photo: Mar. 31st

[Swan potato starch]

Whenever I bake I end up making last minute trips to the grocery store for one ingredient or the other. This time my dough for the Jar of Stars needed to rest over night and in order to get it made I needed to make a late night trip. While there this packaging for something else entirely caught my (tired) eye.

daily photo thing update: Today I’m finally posting a backlog of photos all at once and renaming them “almost daily photo” because I’m no good at keeping up with stuff and, as it turns out, I’m really not good at keeping up with stuff when I’ve put a set of artificial rules on myself. So I’ll try to post a photo a day but if I’m busy or got nothing I won’t. I mean, I don’t want to start resenting my own self, right?

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daily photo: Mar. 30th

[willow branches in a planter outside a somber post office in an industrial neighborhood of Seattle]

It’s been very gloomy the last few days. So gloomy even the willow branches somebody lovingly put in a planter outside the post office manage to look nothing but wet and cold. Willow branches should not look foreboding.

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daily photo: Mar. 28th

a box of Safari Spice Tea

This is my favorite inexpensive tea. It’s hard to find in your (or at least my) average grocery store and I live in fear that it will be discontinued. The last time I found it in a grocery store on sale I bought a dozen boxes and the person ringing me up must have thought I was nuts. Then again, it is high time I embrace my role as The Crazy Lady. Does that mean I can start wearing sequins at unexpected times of day? Right on.

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daily photo: Mar. 27th

[two lollipops, Vanilla-Cardamom and Teaberry]

Nothing happened today so instead I’ll show you the lollipops made by This Charming Candy which I got yesterday. They have amazing flavors.

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daily photo: Mar. 26th

[a chocolate cupcake with a tiny cherry pie inside, and a vanilla cupcake with a banana cream pie inside]

Today we stopped by the Bake It In A Cake sale at the Cakespy shop and managed to get some of the last cupcakes. Megan is a genius, see how lovely her cupcakes are? We got one chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and a cherry pie baked inside, and a vanilla cupcake with maple frosting with a banana cream pie baked inside. We also ran into Mary from Shelterrific, hi Mary!

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daily photo: Mar. 25th

[close up of a keg, just the words Brewing Co]

I got a mini brewing lesson from Kyle Stevens today. This stuff is a lot of work, but very well worth it. His nanobrewery is forthcoming, watch out.

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daily photo: Mar. 24th

[red and white spiral paper straws]

Today I got to meet up with a great bunch of women, it was great to see Cakespy, Stephmodo, Jenny Cookies, Cathys Wraps, Mia Cupcakes, Love Big Bake Often, and Not Just A Mommmy, who did an excellent job organizing the event. And extra thanks go to Jessie for letting us gather in the Cakespy shop.

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daily photo: Mar. 23rd

[a close up of white stranded Christmas lights]

Today I learned that my little-er camera needs to manually be set to macro (I knew this but was in denial) and that even when in macro it still won’t focus on the point you’d like if that point is very bright. Good to know.

These are some Christmas lights that currently sit where a low cocktail table will live, just as soon as I find the absolute perfect one.

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daily photo: Mar. 22nd

[three black and white striped garments]

I may have purchased too many things with stripes today.

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daily photo: Mar. 21st

[wooden skewers photographed close up and tip down]

Playing with macro focus and aperture priority on my little-er camera.

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