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How to Clean and Maintain Cast Iron | Serious Eats. We are go for soap.

Love Old Fashioneds? This Spicy, Strong Whiskey Cocktail Is for You | Serious Eats.

Unusual Geometric Cake Designs by Dinara Kasko | Colossal. These are so pretty.

What’s the Difference Between the Bubbles? – Lucky Peach. Seltzer vs. sparkling water vs. club soda. Via The Wirecutter.

Giant Gougeres: French cheese puffs. David Lebovitz.

Barrel Aged Vanilla White Russian | Baking Bites. Something to do while you are aging that nog anyhow.

Hong Kong’s Most Famous Cocktail Is a Tower of Foam and Faux Caviar | MUNCHIES.

Chopped Kale Salad with Peanut-Chili Vinaigrette | Little Broken. Via Brit&Co.

Recipe: Vivian Howard’s Sunday Morning Pancakes – Eater. Made with a mixture of regular and buckwheat flours. I grew up eating buckwheat pancakes and I still prefer them.

Risotto Tips From John Podesta | “The most important revelation yet from Hillary’s hacked emails.”

The Mezcal Tour of Oaxaca, The New Yorker.

Spiced Pumpkin Rum Toddy Cocktail  | Mighty Girl.

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  • 1 Lisa // Nov 17, 2016 at 10:09 am

    What perfect timing! Just had a sandwich made with a giant gougeres at Les Madeleines while visiting Salt Lake City and was wondering how to recreate at home.

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