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Drinking In The Summer Garden

My friend (and old conference roommate) Gayla Trail has published a delightful book called Drinking In The Summer Garden which is available in both paperback and e-book format. If you’re in the midst of gathering what has grown in your garden, or if you are like me and a little clueless on where to start, this book will be incredibly helpful. It is full of recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, infusions and syrups and a spread of both sweet and savory foods. You can take a peek at some pages over here.

Gayla’s site You Grow Girl keeps up with her gardening and she’s published three books that make even me think gardening and container gardening is something I might be able to handle: You Grow Girl, Grow Great Grub: Organic Food From Small Spaces and Easy Growing: Organic Herbs and Edible Flowers from Small Spaces. She’s pretty awesome.

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smoking tomatoes at the Palace Kitchen

Earlier this summer I was having dinner at Bravehorse Tavern with Scott and the tomatoes that came with my salad were smoked, it was a delightful surprise. (Though, I suppose they were described as smoked on the menu but I am not known for paying attention, especially when there is a beer menu to peruse.) I put the picture above on Twitter and talked about the delicious smoked tomatoes and, yipee!, the Tom Douglas company (@palace_kitchen) invited me to come see how to make them in the kitchens at Palace Kitchen. I gathered up Maggi and my camera and visited on an early afternoon during dinner prep.

First you make a small cut in the skin of your tomatoes. Say hello to Dezi, hi Dezi!

Lower the tomatoes in boiling water for a few minutes then plunge them into ice water. The skins should wrinkle and be easy to peel off.

Serve some rose! Also know that instead of cherry tomatoes you can cut some good meaty tomatoes into cubes.

The Tom Douglas kitchen have a large smoker that was currently the home to a dozen pork loins, so they showed us how to layer a pan of peeled tomatoes over a pan full of wood that has gotten a good head start. Cover it all so the smoke gets trapped inside.

They use, if I remember correctly, applewood. Here is a charred applewood stick that smelled amazing.

They also showed off using a torch to get wood chips going. Flames! I think Herschell was showing off just a bit here.

Our tomatoes were served on top of chilled melon soup and it was amazing. I honestly miss it.

A peek at the back wall of the kitchen, say hello to Kiss!

Thank you so much Herschell and Dezi for showing us how to smoke tomatoes, and especially for letting us peek inside the kitchens during preparations for the day.

Next I’ll show you the tomatoes we smoked at home. Did it work out? The suspense is killing you.

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