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Need a basic stir fry sauce – Chowhound.

Because We Love Kale: 15 Kale Recipes | Serious Eats.

Orangette: This is important. Yeasted buckwheat waffles, I am a long time fan of buckwheat pancakes so this waffle is next on my list of weekend breakfast experiments.

When a rooster comes along… | Jim Drohman. A very detailed set of instructions with photos for making coq au vin from a chef here in Seattle.

Lucy Knisley – All Kindsa Stuff!. An illustrated recipe fro her Mom’s Crack Cookies.

Pigeon Toe » Porcelain Popsicle Sticks. So nice! Via 101 Cookbooks.

Brussels Sprouts & Bacon Pizza › shutterbean. Well hello there lovely.

Mastering the Sweet Life: Jessie Moore Oleson – Our Finds. Yay Jessie!

not your mama’s coleslaw | smitten kitchen. For some reason I’ve been craving cole slaw lately.

Sprinkle Bakes: Spring Flower Lollipops. Edible flowers inside a lollipop, so amazing.

Easy Party Appetizer: Roasted Edamame with Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper | The Kitchn.

Parmesan and Herb Cheese Straws — Joy the Baker. These are so pretty!

the apple Pi. I’m late to this one but it’s worth a look – the apple is cut into number shapes using cookie cutters. Amazing.

Shaping Up Homemade Oreos | The Feed.

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Aqua Fishbowl Dessert Cocktail

Fish Bowl cocktail made into a gelatin version in a globe glass

Looking ahead to warmer days I made a gelatin version of the Fishbowl cocktail, go see it over at ModCloth!

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It’s Not a Fairytale: Seattle to Build Nation’s First Food Forest. I live very close to this! Cannot wait to stroll through eating from the trees. Via Erin Robinson on Twitter.

How to Write a Resume, Part One: Practices to Avoid | The Hairpin.

Transom » Jesse Thorn. Make Your Thing: 12 Point Program for Absolutely, Positively 1000% No-Fail Guaranteed Success. Via Waxy.

venomous porridge – The biscuit story from So Long, and Thanks for All…. My teenage years would have been much worse if it hadn’t been for Douglas Adams.

IUDs, or A Detailed Guide to Long-Term Sperm Scarecrows | The Hairpin.

H.P. Lovecraft, Author, Is Dead – The Morning News.

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Dewit Design Camp coming to Seattle

Dewit Design Camp

Yessss! Super lady AB Chao is bringing her Dewit Design Camp to Seattle in September 15th and 16th. The camp is, I’m just going to quote right from her site here: “A two-day workshop with interior stylist AB Chao, where you’ll learn everything from design basics to magazine-worthy styling.” Which I need, badly. There are rooms in my house I’ve put off decorating for real because I walk in and look around and I’m gripped by the overwhelming sense of just how much I don’t know how to make a room look pretty despite all the time I’ve put in looking at design blogs and Pinterest boards. The class is going to be awesome, sign up soon because it’s also going to be small! You can read more about it, see the Q&A and sign up for the Seattle class right here.

AB Chao is bringing the Dewit Design Camp to a whole lot of cities: New Orleans in May, Austin in June, San Francisco in July, and NYC in October (what a lovely time to be there, I’m officially jealous).

disclosure: I’m getting a discount on the price of the class in exchange for helping spread the word to all of you lovely people.

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links: St. Patrick’s Day

Help me think of miniaturized versions of Irish food! | Ask MetaFilter. For a Leprechaun themed St. Patrick’s Day party.

Hungry Happenings: Pot of Gold Caramel Apples. Wow! Via Edible Crafts.

Reware Vintage | Homemade Shamrock Shakes. Via The Morning News.

Gold Surprise Rainbow Cupcakes, great idea! Via Recipe Girl on Pinterest.

An avocado pie for St. Patrick’s Day | How About Orange. Yum.

Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day | Serious Eats.

Birthday Installation: Yarn Trail at Oh Happy Day. This would work really nicely for St. Patrick’s day as well, so fun.

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Pie Cookies for Pi Day

pie dough lattice cut into round cookies

Hello Little One included the pie dough lattice cookies I created for Styled magazine last year in a round up of pie goodies for today, Pi Day. Smart girl, I hadn’t thought of that!

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links: craft

Amigurumi Patterns, a collection patterns that are free or available to purchase. I have yet to attempt crochet but that mustache might be a good place to start.

Big Stitch Knit Rug – the purl bee. So pretty and inviting looking. I wish my feet (and my wallet) liked alpaca yarn more.

Ombre Star Garland | Say Yes to Hoboken. This is really lovely! And making those stars can be addictive, I find it relaxing the way knitting can be.

Whit’s Knits: Big Cuddly Bunny – the purl bee. Also the Big Snowy Owl. I really want to make these for myself.

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Help me raise money for Music Cares thanks to Yolo Colorhouse

I’m very happy to have been asked to be a part of Yolo Colorhouse’s Color Your Life Guest Blogger Week. It’s super special because for every comment readers leave over there Yolo is donating $1 to the non-profit of each blogger’s choice. My non-profit is MusiCares, who help musicians cover medical bills. My husband Scott is a musician and we are lucky to have medical insurance but we’ve seen so many musicians be caught in pit of medical bills after an accident and we’ve taken part in fundraisers for them. I’d deeply appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment on my post over at Yolo’s site if you could. And to sweeten the deal Yolo is giving everybody a chance to win paint or Yolo products. Thank you Yolo, and thank you dear readers for taking a quick moment to help out!

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links: food

Best peanut butter cookie recipe | Ask MetaFilter. Great suggestions and I was so happy to see Joy the Baker mentioned in the recipe links!

ciao samin: Home Ec: How to Shop for Olive Oil.

The Wine Scout: If Anyone Orders Merlot… | The Hairpin. Merlots are coming back into fashion, they have three great suggestions under $15. (Also, yay Washington state.)

Booze Bites: Irish Car Bomb Jell-O Shots. Via Recipe Girl on Twitter.

Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head, and extreme beer : The New Yorker. Via Give Me Something To Read.

Does anyone have a tried and true recipe for the kind of pepperoni balls you get in Erie, PA? | Ask MetaFilter. The answer is yes, the thread links to recipes from Erie residents over at Chowhound. Gotta try these.

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links: beauty

Has anyone used Splat Washables Hair Dye? It says it washes out with shampoo. Does it? | Ask MetaFilter. The person asking tested it and it looks like it works surprisingly well, filing this for Halloween.

Hidden gems at the market | Ask MetaFilter. A question about what unassuming products are overlooked but work really well. I adore that the Queen Helene mint clay mask is mentioned, it’s one of the first products I ever talked about on this site. I used to use it back in high school.

Pretty me up, on the cheap! – drugstore makeup treasures | Ask MetaFilter. Great suggestions in here.

The Mascara Championships: Part One | Nothing But Bonfires. Yay! My go-to drugstore mascara, Cover Girl LashBlast, is #3!

DIY: Easy Skin Toner at Design Mom. Oh my gosh, so easy! So cheap! I’m going to try this.

stylist with “curly scissors” in Southern New Jersey | Ask MetaFilter. Answers include lots of recommendations for a Deva Curl trained stylist.

How to make lip scrub at home at Petite Elefant.

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links: misc

Werner Herzog Will Have to Make a New Movie Because Some Very Much Older Cave Paintings Have Been Discovered in Spain | Slog. I read this headline a mere few hours after listening to Bullseye’s interview with Werner Herzog.

Indiana Jones, Romancing the Stone, National Treasure, The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec and even Tomb Raider and Sahara. I love all these movies. Recommend me more of the same, please! | Ask MetaFilter.

Oscar SEO at GirlHacker’s Random Log. GirlHacker has pulled together all of her old Oscar gift basket posts. I love getting a peek at what is in those.

Now Open on Capitol Hill: Regent Cafe & Bakery | Slog. Apparently the original branch of this bakery here in the PNW inspired the cake in Portal. The cake is not a lie!!

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links: food

The Hungarian grail of cheese pastry – Pogácsa » delicious:days.

Shaping Up Freezer Chicken Pot Pie | The Feed. I need to get back to having my freezer stocked with homemade meals.

Not So Humble Pie: Macarons Framboise – Ladurée’s Recipe.

ciao samin: Resource Guide for Home Ec: Understanding Salt.

Black Bean Burgers Recipe – Laurence Jossel | Food & Wine. Via Ciao Samin.

Old Fashioned 101, a truly wonderful single serving website. Via Kottke.

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