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This is a test. You will not be graded on a curve.

This is a test. You will not be graded on a curve., originally uploaded by not martha.

This is a test to see if I can post from iPhone to Flickr to
Wordpress. Her goes.

Yay it worked. Ok, this is a picture of a very special cup of tea. Scott and I were staying at Sun Mountain Lodge in the Methow Valley of Washington state and went for a short hike around the grounds. Or what we thought was a short hike. Turns out? The grounds are huge. And forested. Creepily forested. And we were there in October so Halloween was in the air. After walking far too long (like Hansel and Gretel!) we exited into a clearing. A clearing with picnic tables and a faux chuck wagon. Nobody was around but the wagon was stocked with coolers that held blissfully cold water and packets of tea. I’m pretty sure we weren’t really supposed to take it, it was likely stocked just in case a lodge guest opted in for the twilight horse ride to the Cowboy Dinner, but I was so tired and thirsty. It turned out to be a good thing that I stole the tea because the next part of the hike was straight uphill. But uphill to a good view with a peek at the Cascades.

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  • 1 Livi // Feb 8, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    It is for the Cowboy Dinner!

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