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Gem Candy · Edible Crafts @ CraftGossip.

spinning-jennie ::: Nut Butter Overthrow. A recommendation for Trader Joe’s almond butter, I’ve been eating more almonds lately and will have to grab some of this next time we’re there.

French in a Flash: Boeuf aux Carottes | Serious Eats : Recipes.

Farmers Market Coming to Georgetown, Hopefully – Seattle Restaurants and Dining – Voracious.

What Ball-Shaped Foods Can I Take to a Theme Party? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn.

Roasting coffee at home: a DIY coffee bean cooler – Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

French Friday: Steak au Poivre « Pink of Perfection.

Are Heirloom Wheat Varieties the Next Big Baking Trend? | Serious Eats.

Our Best Bites: Stuffed Pizza Rolls. These look delicious and charming. I found them after a discussion with friends about how we were all craving frozen pizza rolls but were too grown up to let ourselves eat them. The obvious solution? Make some from scratch! blog : How-To: Homemade Gummi Candy.

Joy the Baker » Chickpea, Mint, and Parsley Spread. Num.

Hot Cocoa Treats · Edible Crafts. Little chocolate boats that hold whipped cream that you float in your hot chocolate. I could die with joy.

All You Can Eat | Pizza flour: what to use at home? Depends on who’s baking. | Seattle Times Newspaper. It starts with this request: “Long ago, there was a John Hinterberger column where he told the story of how he found the best flour to make pizza crust. Unfortunately the smallest unit of flour he could buy was a 50 pound sack.”

Orangette: The very definition. Oatmeal Pancakes Adapted from the Inn at Fordhook Farm.

Easy Curries – Bitten Blog –

10 Common Ordering Mistakes People Make in Paris – David Lebovitz.

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links: the home

How To: DIY a Faux Fireplace Before & After | Apartment Therapy.

Hang Out Hooks by David Zachary — Better Living Through Design. Keeping these in mind for our (purely theoretical at this point) bathroom redo.

Stainless Steel Modular Bathroom Storage? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy.

Envi High-Efficiency Electric Panel Heater Unplggd Test Lab | Apartment Therapy Unplggd.

Oversize Music Murals | Apartment Therapy New York.

Document sans titre. Big graphics for you wall, you get to choose the size and color. Via NOTCOT.

Reversible Decor: Martina’s Chandelier Cover-up | Apartment Therapy San Francisco. We’re figuring out what to do with our dining room light, this might be the temporary answer.

Cool Tools: Toto Eco Drake. A helpful review of a toilet.

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what we ate for dinner last night

Every once in a while I make something to eat that I fear will make my serious food friends shun me forever.

This is one of those things.

I had been musing on how odd a name Chicken In A Biskit is for crackers. My thought process went something like this: Chicken In A Biskit – mmm chicken – chicken and dumplings – ooh chicken IN dumplings. Lo and behold, there is actually a recipe for this. I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of the grocery store looking up recipes on my iPhone when I discovered it. (I mention this as a possible explanation of my next action, which was to buy the ingredients and make this for dinner.)

At the very least I actually got to use our soup plates for something soup related:

chicken in a dumpling

Looking at the recipe you immediately know this was some sort of Pillsbury recipe contest entry, and some Googling that I cannot seem to replicate suggested it might be from 1971. I could be mistaken.

chicken in a dumpling

It is chicken and mushrooms mixed with chive cream cheese and butter, wrapped in premade croissant dough, dipped in more butter, rolled in chopped walnuts and crushed, uncooked herb stuffing mix and served smothered in cream of chicken soup. I know, right? I didn’t really realize what I was making until I got all the ingredients home, and while it was cooking we practiced having heart attacks. Here are some cooked cream cheese and chicken pods:

chicken in a dumpling

But, you ask, how was it? The first bite was really yummy, salty, crunchy and mushy. Perfect comfort food trajectory. The second bite was mostly just salty, with the tang of “it’s not necessarily good but it’s nostalgic” flavor of cream of chicken soup. The remaining bites alternated between the soup or the croissant dough dominating. But I can see the recipes intent and I applaud it. I’m left feeling a little woozy from the sodium and with the flavor of chives lingering in my mouth winning over the wine I’m attempting to eradicate it with. So, no, I don’t really recommend this recipe.

That said, it was really very fun to make.

update: In the comments Jeanmarie pointed me towards this recipe for Cheesy Chicken Muffins made by wrapping dough around chicken and cream cheese filling and baking them in muffin tins. I must make these soon!

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Altitude Design Summit – notes and links

Altitude Design Summit

Here are some wrap up posts about the Altitude Design Summit that contain a lot of useful information:

Janel from Apartment Therapy has put together the list of speakers (or at least those that have blogs).

Mint has a panel by panel wrap up of of the talks she attended.

Say Yes To Hoboken shares the best bits of advice from the summit.

Petit Elefant has the list of design sites mentioned in the first panel (tons of new ones as well as old favorites), and SF Girl By Bay shares her favorites among those as well as some new favorites of her own.

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links: technology

Why Does Vanity Fair Hate the Women of Twitter? – GeekWeek.

Cool Tools: Samson Go Mic.

Review: Rough EA Sports Active Whips Polished Wii Fit Workout | GameLife |

How to best transfer and keep a domain name I own? | Ask MetaFilter.

‘Broken Sword: Director’s Cut’ Point and Click Adventure Arrives for iPhone | Touch Arcade.

Seriously, if he kills me one more time, we are going to break up. (What are good video games for couples?) | Ask MetaFilter.

mirrormirror: Nook Review. A very helpful review of the Nook. I’m still using Stanza reader for the iPhone and, grudgingly, the Kindle for the iPhone when I need to. (Kindle has some exclusive content, but the Stanza is a far better user experience.)

Lively Ivy » Not That Question. A female indie game developer on the question of women and games. With a fantastic list of women and the independent games they’ve made.

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back from the Altitude Design Summit

I just got back from the Altitude Design Summit where I spoke into a microphone for the first time ever. Here is the microphone in question:

the microphone from the speakers table

It was fantastic to meet the ladies on the panel in person after talking with them in a few conference calls before: Erin from Design For Mankind, Kathryn of Snippet & Ink and Joslyn of Simply Lovely, who was a fantastic moderator, thanks Joslyn.

The hotel was comfortable and so huge I got lost. Three times. I nearly got lost in our room. My roommate was Gayla Trail from You Grow Girl whom I’ve talked with via email for years but had never met in person. I got to look through her new book Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces (coming out February 2nd). That’s her on the cover! For the record Gayla is a most excellent roommate.

Here is part of the view from the room:

a view of a grand building and the mountains beyond

I had been on the fence about getting a better point and shoot camera (I’m not dedicated enough to lug my Canon XSi, which is one of the smaller DSLRs), but after this weekend I have declared one is necessary. My current camera is disappointing with indoor light and I didn’t find myself bothering to pull it out often. I’m still leaning towards the Canon S90, though I plan on taking a look at the cameras recommended in the comments there (thank you, everybody!).

me, nervous before, well rested after

This is me in the elevator on the way down to do the Designing Your Community panel. Before the panel I was a mess of nerves, but somebody (Gayla, I think) told me that after ten minutes I would calm down and it would feel normal. She was right. The next morning I treated myself to a room service breakfast. I look much calmer no?

I was really excited to meet Maxwell from Apartment Therapy, Grace from Design*Sponge and Heather from Dooce (who was sweet enough to sympathize with my nervousness even though she was getting ready to announce her deal with HGTV the very next day) and to get to sit and talk with Jean from NOTCOT (whom I’d met before at the Broad Summit). They all put on an informative and entertaining keynote, no small feat at 8 a.m.

I hear there is going to be an Altitude Design Summit next year, and if you’re interested in going I can say it’s well worth it. I learned a bunch and met a whole lot of people I’d been hoping to, it was positively thrilling.

[

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teh internets invade my fridge

a grocery list with one item, and a note that says First Post!

I keep a grocery list on my fridge, after doing some post-Altitude Design Summit grocery shopping and tearing off an old page I came back to find Scott had added an item and included this note. He couldn’t help it.

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Altitude Design Summit

Altitude Design Summit

Tomorrow I’m headed out to the Altitude Design Summit. I’ll be speaking, my first time and I’m nervous. Will I see you there?

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boots, decisions

boots, one on each foot

The pairs of boots I wrote about arrived and they are both so nice I had a hard time deciding. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to to with the Teva Montecito boots because they are a little lighter and make my feet feel a little more welcome.

boots, one on each foot

I took some side by side photos to show how the soles on the Lassen Tepic are a little wider, but the soles are also smoother and therefore slippery. I was worried about the Montecitos having a contrasting sole but it’s darker than I expected. The Montecito is narrower in the ankle and I immediately notice that the heel won’t rub as much. And one other really nice thing about the Montecito that I didn’t realize was that the little elastic band that wraps around the back of the boot holds down the zipper pulls so they don’t jingle when you walk. Nice. The Lassen though are very sturdy and I think I would be really happy with them if I didn’t have the Montecito right here to compare. Both have plenty of room in the toes, aren’t heavy, and feel like they wouldn’t take too much time to break in really well. But, neither have removable insoles, which is my last point of hesitation as I like to have the option for my poor, ailing arch support needs. Do I think I could tromp around Seattle (and for ten days Paris) in either pair? I hope so!

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our new go to comfort food

a pretty good meal

It’s rare that I make dinner without much of a recipe and it turns out pretty good. This was so much pretty good that we made it again a few nights later. This is a basic beef stew, the cubes were dredged in flour and browned before being put in a crock pot on low with red wine, an onion and fresh thyme (which, shockingly, I had on hand). The second time we made this I cut the onion into rings which were no longer recognizable as rings by the end of the cooking. But it was amusing for a few seconds there.

onions in a crock pot, with red wine for braising liquid

The potatoes are Russian Banana Fingerlings and were oddly more delicious than other fingering potatoes. They were steamed, then tossed with butter and salt.

delicious baby yellow potatoes

The carrots were tossed with olive oil, ginger, cumin and cayenne and roasted, then sprinkled with dill and tarragon. I was going off of this recipe for Spicy Roasted Baby Carrots but only used the spices I had in the house. Still really yummy, and if you get the chance I really think you should try this carrot recipe sometime soon.

peas whipped in a mini food processor

And the peas were the strangest of all, but my most favorite. Simply, these were canned peas (the young, off-green sort) that were whipped, or really put through my mini Cuisinart (which was part of the BlogHer Food conference loot). I’ve been meaning to do this for years since Will on Will&Grace made it for a dinner party. I know it’s more baby food than fancy food but I have to say in the middle of a nearly-always-raining January it’s become my favorite comfort food. And it made a disturbing Gremlins splat inside the Cuisinart.

Serve with red wine, try to ignore the fact that it’s distressingly dark and still raining outside.

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considering boots

I’ve been looking for some boots. I’ve been doing a lot of people-wearing-boots watching and decided I’d like some mid-height boots, but it hasn’t stopped me from finding some pairs I really wish I could justify. Or that would fit around my calf.

black boots black boots

I’ve ordered the Teva Montecito (though I’m a bit unsure about the contrastiing sole) and the Lassen Tepic boots. Both look comfortable and like I could walk for days in them.

black boots black boots

But if I could have I think these La Canadienne Tahra boots would be fantastic, the heel isn’t too high and I like the Victorian style. However the calves in these are far too skinny for me. Hang on, I thought these were the pair that had a 10.5 inch circumference. These would fit me, but the price + practicality means I probably won’t get them. The Miz Mooz Amelia Button Boot is also cute, but the heel is just high enough to be impractical. (Swoon, they also come in red.)

black boots black boots

I’ve also been looking at the Miz Mooz Harlem boots because they are flat but still have some attitude, and the Miz Mooz Marissa boots because they have the faux buttons all the way up but a nice flat sole.

While looking at boots I’m not forgetting that people in the world who are in desperate need of help. If you’d like to send some money to help those in Haiti you can text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross, and Savory Sweet Life, The Pioneer Woman and Thursday Night Smackdown are donating a dime for each comment left on those blogs. So awesome.

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links: beauty

Hair Share – Pump Up the Volume in Fine Hair : Hair Thursday. A recommendation for Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion, I must try this stuff.

Winter hair woes. | Ask MetaFilter.

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Non-Sugary Cookies | Ask MetaFilter.

everybody likes sandwiches: fill’er up: cinnamon oatmeal waffles.

shelterrific » Blog Archive » spring wedding? try appetizers in the garden.

What tastes like black tea or pure tobacco? | Ask MetaFilter.

Cinnamon Toast Recipe | Simply Recipes. It seems obvious, but I can tell you my family did this: butter the bread, sprinkle on a 1:6 cinnamon:sugar mixture, then broil until the sugar is just starting to melt. Crunchy cinnamon toast with a still soft underbelly was very good indeed.

How to Learn Something New Everyday « Pink of Perfection. Just before I read this post I was listening to a lecture on the radio. It was a lecture given, for free, at the Seattle Town Hall and I was thinking I should up my smarts by attending them. I feel smarter already.

The Best Kitchen Gadgets of the Year:

Delicious Low-Calorie Chicken Dinner: I’m looking for something that will be like Trader Joe’s frozen Chicken Serenada entrees that have become a staple lazy night dinner in our house.

7*7 Favorites of 2009: No.2 – New Kitchen tools » delicious:days.

La Cerise: The croquembouche project.

What to Drink in 2010 : A wine, beer, and cocktail forecast – CHOW. Two recommendations for Washington wines that are note “jammy, overripe bludgeons”. Thank you.

Cakespy: Deep-Fried Cupcakes on a Stick | Serious Eats : Recipes.

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Design*Sponge » The Green Space Travel Case + Goodbye to you. I want to make something like this using an old fashioned square lunch box.

Thule K-Summit Snow Chains. At Cool Hunting.

Tse & Tse Sale! – David Lebovitz. I love this secret code announcement card.

100 Skills Everyone Should Master | Mighty Girl.

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cast iron skillet to cook pizza

pizza cooked in a heated cast iron skillet

Maybe I don’t need a pizza stone after all. Last night we made pizza and since I really, really wanted to make sure the dough cooked all the way through (this time) I decided to cook it in our large cast iron skillet that had I heated in the oven and slid the pizza into to cook, around 450 degrees. I was thinking of Cinnamon as I was pulling out the skillet as she is currently doing the final edits on her cast iron cook book. (You go!)

This pizza is spicy Italian sausage, kale and leftover fresh mozzarella. It could have used a bit more garlic, a note for next time.

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