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seeking arch support in athletic shoes

I need a good amount of arch support in my athletic shoes so I’ve been a faithful New Balance girl for a while but recently the New Balance shoes I’ve been ordering for cross training have been almost without it, despite a few pairs having high “excellent arch support” reviews at Zappos (1010, 780). What’s going on? Did the doctors recommendation for arch support go away? Like when we all went from sit-ups to crunches? Did New Balance change the way they make shoes? Did my arches somehow get higher? Is this some sort of a strange bid to get me to buy the arch support inserts as well? Can you tell I’ve been so disturbed by this I’ve slipped into the realm of paranoia?

So, any recommendations on what brands or stores I should be looking at when I venture out into the world again with a few pairs of clean white cotton socks stowed away in my bag? Would fancy running stores carry shoes meant for cross training? Help, before I end up spending an hour trying on unsupportive shoes inside a generic sporting goods store!

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restore the default Smart Bookmarks Folders in Firefox

If you, like me, only recently got around to downloading the latest version of Firefox then opened up the bookmarks which look slightly different and thought to yourself “I don’t need that, or that” and deleted a few folders before giving them a fighting chance only to discover later on how useful the Recently Bookmarked folder would be if only you hadn’t deleted it, especially in light of how easy the new one-click star add a bookmark thingy is, but you discovered those things go into the Unsorted Bookmarks folder which you can only get to when you go into the Organize Bookmarks window instead of at the bottom of the pile (which actually makes a sort of sense when it comes to not letting your bookmarks get too cluttery) then you discovered that resetting the bookmarks in Safe Mode and importing your backup doesn’t make the Recently Bookmarked folder reappear, then you might find this page helpful: Restore the default Smart Bookmarks Folders.

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fifth sweater: bumbling starts to my top down raglan

I decided to try to make a top down raglan cardigan with some bulky yarn I have because having no seams, and therefore less bulk, sounded appealing. Working from the top down will also allow me to make 3/4 sleeves in case I start to run out of yarn, which I’m afraid of.

Taken from the Google Books pages of Knitting In Plain English is this:

The basic idea behind a knit-in-one-piece-from-the-top-down raglan sweater is to make a carefully calculated rectangle that grows bigger every other row and keeps the same proportions until that rectangle is large enough to be divided up into separate sleeves and body.

And this diagram is included, which helps me picture what’s going on nicely:

[

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small art from Cakespy

Yesterday we visited I Heart Rummage, a monthly craft show here in Seattle that is held at Chop Suey. We wandered around with Mary of Straight From the Container and Dave, who makes excellent cast resin rings at Dave Sheely Designs. Jessie was there with her Cakespy goods and, after spending a good part of last year being afraid of zombies, I couldn’t walk away without bringing this small painting of zombies and Cuppie. It raises some questions though, do cupcakes have brains? Do zombies crave frosting brains? Or do zombies just like cupcakes if there are no brains in the immediate vicinity?

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Orla Kiely at Target

If you have not heard already the lastest designer to do a set of goods for Target is Orla Kiely, which makes me terribly excited. The line will consist of a some dishes, kitchen accessories and home organization things and I want a set of pear canisters. I realized last Saturday night that the next day was officially February and, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, I was so eager to see if the stuff had shown up in stores yet I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep. I found a small bunch of home organizations goods on an endcap, just like the one Ugly Green Chair took a picture of. Ugly Green Chair reports that somebody from her Target told her the rest of the stuff will show up on February 13th, and Decor8 has recieved official word that the collection will appear on February 15th. In the mean time it seems fabric covered bins, laundry bags and hanging closet organizers are available in some stores now.

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