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how to create a pop star

Scott told me about this amazing clip from the film Before the Music Dies that shows the creation of a fake pop star. It goes like this: song written by a 45 year old guy + model who is not required to be able to sing + studio time + video footage = POP STAR!

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links: Seattle

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The Beat, a Columbia City newsletter, gives way for the Wikli, a confusingly named and confusing site that is sort of a wiki, but not a wiki, or something. At Captain Columbia City. I’m also bookmarking this for the information about a short term rental apartment which would be great for visitors.

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Yay! Swedish clothing retailer H&M to open in Seattle area at Seattle PI

Political parties to voters: We could tell you where your caucus will be, but then we’d have to kill you. at Metroblogging Seattle.

Bumbershoot is currently accepting applications for the 2008 Indie Market. If you want to apply see the Vendor + Performer Applications page, the Indie Market is near the bottom.

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links: food

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The high-tech Clover, and two affordable alternatives, at Chow. See the map of coffeeshops using a Clover, there are a number here in Seattle!

too late for Christmas:

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too late for New Years:

My Darling Clementine a nice champagne cocktail, at Imbibe

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links: crafts

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Will properly sized TECRE button/mirror parts work on a Badge-a-Minit hand press? at Ask Metafilter. Turns out: no.

Narrow Hemming Foot at The Secret Pocket, I could never get the hang of mine, time to try again

Reminder to self: PBS is showing The Complete Jane Austen starting January 13th, lots of good knitting television.

pretty crepe flower tutorial at Two Straight Lines

Too late for Christmas, or simply very early?:

How to Make a Christmas Tree Pop up Card at Wikihow, very simple and yet dramatic

Christmas tree in a box at Popgadget

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links: the home

Wiremold: Cord Organizing Products at Unplugged

What questions do I NEED to ask during the inspection of the home I just bought? Also, what questions should I ask the seller/seller’s agent during the inspection? at Ask Metafilter

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In the market for a new mattress: Requesting info on the classic Bergad Isoform Mattress. at Ask Metafilter. I want to know more about the Sonno mattress that Design Within Reach sells. I can only find positive reviews and I’m the type that needs to know the bad stuff as well.

Good Question: Green Fence? at Re-nest

I like the way this Martha Stewart Paints example room shown at Happy Mundane is decorated, and I wonder if it would make our small bedroom feel larger.

What’s the best CFL or similar for recessed lighting? at Ask Metafilter

hunt rettig at Swiss Miss, pretty

Vinyl flooring that is either NOT ugly or hideously ugly in a way we like: does it exist? at Ask Metafilter

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I’m knitting another sweater: back to where I was

the sweater: Ribby Cardi
the yarn: Cotton Ease in Stone
the previous entries: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Last time I wrote about the sweater I had ripped out the neck, detachted the sleeves and unravelled the body down below the armhole shaping, all so I could add a bit of length to the body and not undo my carefully mapped out 3×1, 2×2, 3×1, 2×2, 3×1 ribbing tubular (aka. grafted, invisible, sewn, kitchener) cast on. [Read more →]

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links: tech

Where are all the good PC games? at Ask Metafilter.

bubby’s photobooth fun at Swiss Miss, oh gosh this is adorable and I absolutely want to steal it

Eye-Fi wireless memory card at Kottke

Can anyone prove that Blockbuster edits out content they deem obscene or immoral? at Ask Metafilter. One summer during college I worked at Blockbuster for exactly four hours, enough time to convince me to never enter a Blockbuster again. Begone Viacom!

Determining the right credit limit for optimal FICO score? at Ask Metafilter

How to: Buy a Digital Camera at Unplugged

Top 10 Gadgets of the Year at Wired, gah just when I’d settled on a camera I wanted along comes in-camera image stabilization on a relatively inexpensive DSLR.

Best US$1K laptop? at Ask Metafilter

Alternatives for Nero Burning ROM? at Ask Metafilter

Who provides the best Open Source video editing? at Ask Metafilter

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up to

Yosh Luxury Elements collection
Scott got me the Yosh perfume sampler for Christmas and I’ve been trying on the scents. You can read my initial notes here at Flickr. The reviews on Makeup Alley are mixed but my impression so far is that these are made with really, really good oils. I like them a lot, though the ginger ones don’t do so well on my skin, sadly.

chocolate chip cookies
Scott made these using the Toll House recipe but with one cup of nuts and half the amount of chocolate chips, which is a nice balance. We scooped out the dough onto cookie sheets and froze it, then put it into bags in the freezer and now we can bake one cookie at a time, or as needed.

I’m not very far along, but a great title, no?

to make Scotch Eggs
Interesting. Maybe they’re best eaten with a hangover?

making me happy:
hand shaven noodles from Shanghai Garden
The barleygreen handshaven noodles are good as well. This is work-some-magic comfort food.

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