Not Martha


Vancouver was outstandingly lovely, bravo. I took some pictures if you’re interested, and I plan on putting together a little list of places people recommended. We did not make it to Mondo Gelato or Cupcakes on Denman St., but I figure we have to save something to make an excuse to return.

Yesterday we took yet another trip to Ikea and bought some Pax units so we can finally put away our clothes which are in boxes in the dining room, then we’ll have space to put the as-of-yet unpurchased dining room table, then we can buy a sideboard to store the miscellaneous kitchen items which are currently taking up space in the living room and preventing us from having room to figure out what type of sofa/seating would make sense. Yes siree, it’s all finally coming together. I’m tired.

While I was away the knitted wig got up on Boing Boing. It’s startling to be scrolling down a familiar site and come across a picture of yourself.

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