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Vancouver was outstandingly lovely, bravo. I took some pictures if you’re interested, and I plan on putting together a little list of places people recommended. We did not make it to Mondo Gelato or Cupcakes on Denman St., but I figure we have to save something to make an excuse to return.

Yesterday we took yet another trip to Ikea and bought some Pax units so we can finally put away our clothes which are in boxes in the dining room, then we’ll have space to put the as-of-yet unpurchased dining room table, then we can buy a sideboard to store the miscellaneous kitchen items which are currently taking up space in the living room and preventing us from having room to figure out what type of sofa/seating would make sense. Yes siree, it’s all finally coming together. I’m tired.

While I was away the knitted wig got up on Boing Boing. It’s startling to be scrolling down a familiar site and come across a picture of yourself.

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link dump – too hot to organize properly.

at Ask Metafilter:

four leaf clovers everywhere

reducing sewing machine noise for downstairs neighbors

why do authors cross their names out when they sign books? (I recently asked Dustin Long this question as he was in the process of doing that. He said he saw another author doing it, when he asked that other author said he did it because he saw someone else doing it.)

the search for a good bag

what kind of notebook (computer) should I buy?

on townie bikes, I’ve been contemplating buying a casual bike

nintendo ds games

If a digital camera says it can handle USB 2.0, does that mean it won’t work in a USB 1.0 port?

preventing chub rub

seeking a potluck dish that is horrifying but tasty


I had no idea this park in Seattle existed

Things to do in Portland, from people who live there at Posie

recipe for Bul via Modern Cottage

baked french toast

how to make Marimekko wall hangings

light and crispy waffles at Baking Sheet

– I want this: AeroPress coffee maker

how to add a graphic to your blogfeed on blogines at Inspirecompany.

Ikeahack – acoustic absorption panels

solar LED address numbers

armadillo game to check out

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I really like this kitchen shelving unit from the provider of Danish goods Lille Hus. If only I had a big enough space in my kitchen, and I lived in New York. Then it would be perfect. Be sure to check out the other things Lille Hus carries, as well as the the explanation of hygge. Via decor8.

I also really like some of the kitchen storage Pottery Barn has right now. This stainless steel shelf with hooks looks really useful, if only I had three feet of wall space to put it on. I also like the stainless steel open shelf, and I bought some two-foot stainless steel gallery ledges for myself. (They are almost here, I’m very excited.) Let’s hear it for non-wire kitchen shelves.

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things related to grooming:

Mi Spa Lip Balm looks great, at Outblush.

Avon Instant Manicure, like press-on nail color? wha? At Popgadget.

Commitment-free hair color in a bottle by ARTec, at Shop Etc.

What you crave, what your body is trying to tell you, and what you should eat instead. So interesting. Looks like I should take lots of calcium. Via Cinnamon at Did you know…?.

Decently priced facial moisturizers, lots of great recommendations. Also, not so greasy body moisturizers, at Ask Metafilter.

The best sunscreen: Anthelios XL. It’s not available in the US and the FDA isn’t giving a reason, I’m suspicious. At David Lebovitz.

A Microplane file for your feet? Yes, and apparently it’s really good. Also at David Lebovitz.

I recently went on a little search for a sun hat and I chose the Physician Endorsed* St. Tropez. It’s machine washable cotton, crushable, SPF rated, comparably cute, and available at Macy’s in the summer.

* That is the rather awkward brand name.

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I cannot (cannot) wear shoes that have anything going inbetween my toes, so my summer shoe choices are limited. I’m finding the striped cork sandals to be surprisingly comfortable, I wore them all day and I didn’t get any sore bits on my feet. Also, they are delightfully clicky. I like the way the yellow ones look when worn – light and summery. (I’m going to wait for these to go on sale and might pick up a second pair.)

I’ve also been eyeing the Camper Toma-te-20001, and the less colorful but possibly very comfortable Merrell Sundial.

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entertainment/technology related things:

Ooooh. DS Lite browser software. Now I really want one.

Sidekick 3 review, also see the photos that Seattle Bon Vivant took here on Flickr.

Should I feel bad because I use tables instead of CSS? at Ask Metafilter.

How to make your own DS Lite case from old denim, at Popgadget.

Add borders (back) to the photos you view on Flickr, at Onfocus.

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things loosely related to my home:

Painting tips, for those of us that are, um, completely new to it.

Good to keep in mind while painting around stairs – CarpetShield. Think: really wide clear tape. I had not encountered this stuff until we started house hunting, and it delighted me. We used it on our Pergo-covered stairs and it didn’t create any problems with pulling finish up or leaving behind adhesive. I wouln’t use it on hardwood though.

Shade Sails, something I’m looking at to use over our deck. I think some are available at Costco. Also, thread on Ask Metafilter about constructing a shadecloth thing.

I’ve been getting the Not So Big House books from the library, lots of great examples of living well in smaller spaces.

How to knock out a wall, I bookmarked this before we chickened out and hired somebody.

Cordless LED lights, for under cabinets? It tilts for focus, and has velcro or nail fastening options. Looks like smaller versions of the push lights you see all over the place.

To keep around for the next time we buy one – entry for Matress at Wikipedia. So much information on coil count and materials.

How to build a massive LED array? at Ask Metafilter.

Oh my – Orla Kiely fabrics.

Handbag storage options, at Ask Metafilter.

Getting rid of ants, at Ask Metafilter.

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Two book related things.

Evany is currently touring for her book The Secret Language of Sleep and she’ll be here in Seattle! Tomorrow! Wednesday, July 12th, 8 p.m., Elliott Bay Book Company, 101 S. Main Street, Seattle, WA. Yay!

Pamie is in the midst of her annual book drive, and this year it’s got a name – Dewey Donation System. This year they are focusing on the Harrison County Library System, whose collection was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Dewey Donation System make it simple to donate books (via wishlist) or cash to any of the library branches. I’m getting a little weepy here.

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Our closet is gone! yay! We hired a very nice contractor to do the work. We were putting up shelves in another room as he worked, and by the time we had drawn the first level lines, he already had the closet knocked down and removed from the room.

In Seattle when you sell your home you can only call a room a “bedroom” if it has a walled closet. So, knocking a closet out is sort of considered a downgrade in, um, house value? But we couldn’t fit our bed in the room, and we were unwilling to get a smaller bed (once you go king, you don’t go back).

Since the pictures were mostly boring, here is a basic plan of the room as it was with a door, a window, a floor vent just under the window, and the closet with a (stupid, hard to open) folding door:

As it is one person is too close to the door, and the other has to climb over the bed to get into it. And the space next to the closet is large, and nearly useless.

Here is the only other way we could fit the bed in the room:

But the bed was not quite centered under the window, and it was over the vent, which I’d like to avoid.

And here is what our newly liberated room allows us to do:

Including clothing storage (Ikea Pax maybe?) against the wall. Nobody is too close to the door, we’re away from the window, and no one has to climb over the bed to get into it. Conveniently, the bed hides the patch in the carpet where the stupid, awful closet used to be. (We’ll be replacing the flooring in here later.)

This doesn’t affect the closet removal at all, but it seems strange. The room is a mere 13 feet wide and 9 feet deep, and it has seven outlets:

One of them used to be in the closet. Weird.

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Food related.

Jane Dip, using classics like Velveeta and cream of mushroom soup, at Instructables

best mac and cheese ever, I must test this boast, at Words to Eat By

bijou cocktail at The Spirit World

ice spoon mold, at Book of Joe

– I heart buckwheat – Buckwheat Bundt Cake with Blueberries at Orangette

“______ is the new ketchup” – what to dip your fries in, with many best answers, at Ask Metafilter

help me manage my recipes, also at Ask Metafilter

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