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next to go, the lamp

I used to wonder why people didn’t take more pictures of the process of fixing up the inside of their houses, but now I know why – there is shit everywhere. In any picture I try to take as a Before shot there is stuff lined up on the floors along the walls, on every counter surface and window sill. It’s all useful stuff – paint trays, screwdrivers, plastic shopping bags full of hardware bits – but it looks the equivalent of having dirty dishes strewn everywhere. We have painted nearly every drywalled surface of this house over the last month and I have not taken any pictures because all we’ve been doing is moving stuff we cannot unpack yet from the room to be painted into the room we just painted.

We have finished our orange wall, but the moment it dried and we pulled the tape up it was obscured by boxes we moved out of the bedroom so we can prepare to knock out the closet. We came thisclose to taking a hammer to it before we decided a little preparation research and decided that 6 p.m. on a Saturday night was too late to begin something we know nothing about. Rather than risk having a dusty and hole-y room all week, we’re going to wait until next weekend, and somehow obtain a reciprocating saw in the mean time. But, we have the entryway, dining room and kitchen painted. The kitchen looks so much brighter and cleaner.

We discovered what using bad paint is like – the orange paint we used I picked by color without considering quality since it was just for one wall. It was horrible though, the paint was runny and didn’t spread well. The first coat, while bright, showed roller marks. And when we carefully scored and pulled up the tape the paint pulled right off the wall in sections (despite us having primered). We had to retouch the edges, but it’s finally finished. And now I’m not sure I like the color. The wall color appears quite different when something is in front of it, so I’m going to wait until we actually have some furniture to decide if I want to change it.

Last week I struggled with composing some sort of shelving for my workroom closet. I was taken in by the siren song of Elfa at first. My basic configuration with a few drawers came to such a great amount that I redid the math four times to make sure. I researched as many other options as I could and ended up using a few shelves from ClosetMaid instead. I like the strength of anchoring the hang bar into studs, and the ability to move shelves around and add more if I need them, but the price of shelf brackets alone wasn’t something I was prepared for.

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