Not Martha


Wow, so it turns out looking for a house turns me into a very dull person. Also a forgetful one – late last night Scott asked me what was up with my hair, and I had been wondering this myself since when I put it up in pigtails the texture was different. Turns out that while I did take a shower that day I had forgotten to actually use the shampoo. (Just now I discovered that I didn’t put on deodorant today, what is wrong with me!? Don’t worry though, I’m at home and so have not offended anybody.)

So an update? We like the mattress, but have decided to attempt to return the memory foam mattress topper. It was just too squishy for us. Perhaps, having been raised Catholic, I need more punishment when I sleep? (Though I can say with certainty the beds at the Ace Hotel here in Seattle are a little too much punishment for me.)

I burned my hand while ironing and have been wearing the equivalent of oversized band aids for a week now. They are actually quite funny looking if you think of them as a prop (like a jumbo pencil), or as me like a 1/4 scale person. They don’t come with Scooby Doo printed on them though.

We’re still living in the small rental house and while we’ve discovered we can comfortably live with less square footage, I think the idea that we don’t need or give a damn about the stuff in those boxes we didn’t unpack for our short stay here is beginning to haunt me. Now that I don’t have a kick ass kitchen any longer all I wanna do is make big meals. We’re surviving on bagels and frozen stuff from Trader Joe’s.

I’ve been working my way through Netflixed wine films – Jancis Robinson and Mondovino. They are making me discontent with $10 table wine. Also, they make me wish I had a crotchety French man for a great uncle.

We’ve decided to concentrate our house seeking in the Columbia City/Mount Baker areas for the time being. Trouble is that besides knowing there is a Tutta Bella down there we’re completely unfamiliar with the neighborhoods. Anybody have any tips on what to get to know? Or areas to avoid buying a home in?

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