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We have a new mattress, yay! We decided to get a basic (non pillow top) firm mattress from Everrest here in Seattle. The showroom is cramped, and has a picture window that looks out over the factory floor. I have to admit I dig this sort of rough authenticity. The guy there was helpful and left us to flop down for as long as we liked. Scott liked this mattress the best of all we’ve tried so we went ahead and bought it. We bought just the mattress (we’ll be getting a platform bed) and it was incredibly inexpensive, and delivery and take away of our old mattress cost just $10. We also got a memory foam pad from Costco which we haven’t popped open yet. Since we don’t really know what type of mattress we like just yet the inexpensive route works for us right now. My second choice was the zip-off pillow top from the Seattle Mattress Factory.

As for my questions in the previous mattress post – everybody reports that they use normal mattress pads and sheets on top of memory foam. One person wrote to say she had trouble with her memory foam pad slipping off of her mattress, so she took off the terry cloth cover, wrapped a regular mattress pad around everything, put on sheets and it’s been fine since. And I got a good recommendation for Soaring Heart futon and natural bed company, and other local Seattle bedding company.

If you happen to be looking for a new mattress I definitely recommend looking around to see if there are any local mattress companies, the prices are very reasonable. Also, Apartment Therapy is continuing it’s exploration of bedrooms and mattresses this month and has a whole lot of entries on futons, mattress pads, and the best mattress you can find.

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