Not Martha


What I’m up to — We’re looking for a house to buy, and we’re doing it in The Most Overpriced Place in America. The houses in our price range are a little discouraging, but I’m trying to use the new Tivo to grab the before and after house shows to train my eyes to see the potential in a shabby, waterstained and crooked structure. Who knew I would someday be able to tolerate perky tv hosts because they might have something good to do with knocking down some cabinets and throwing up bright curtains?

But before we could buy a house we needed to find a new one to rent since the super cool landlords of our last place came back to live for good. We found an arrangement that goes month to month after not too long, praise Craigslist. But the new rental house is kind of small, and cold (Scott calls it the Swamp House). The biggest problem for me is that the kitchen doesn’t have a garbage disposal, those things are miracle machines! I never knew how truly wonderful they were. So now I don’t cook much. Also, since we’ll only be here for few months we only unpacked half the boxes, and we’re surrounded by the rest. And it has rained nearly every day since we moved in. It’s rather depressing. I’m allowing the brand new cable + Tivo to do a Calgon thing on me.

Otherwise I am currently obsessed with finding a napkin holder I like.

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