Not Martha


Superfun day off! I sold some books for store credit, a new and happy experience, and tonight I’ll have the time to actually cook a dinner. After the demise of our many years old coffee maker and the kettle (electric stoves cause me to ruin cookware) we’re digging a cheap-with-giftcard electric kettle. Yay for fast hot tea. And right now I’m felting* an old store bought sweater in the washer, my first test with felting. I consulted both the Readymade #1 (wash hot, tumble dry hot) and this fantabulous how to felt page on Knitty, which includes tips on how to save your plumbing should it come to that. (This applies more to hand knit items, which I suspect will shed a bit more in the wash, but I’ll let you know how my experiment goes.)

* Hot washing a knit item is really called fulling, but we’re all about the vernacular.

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