Not Martha


a few small things:

a mochi maker!

I had been looking for this egg clacker for a while after it disappeared from the museum shops.

CB2 has a magnetic pen cup, where have I seen that before? Of course, theirs is way sleeker.

Accidental Hedonist tasting notes on pomelo, I first encountered these when living in San Francisco and fell in love with them, I couldn’t wait for them to appear in the markets in Chinatown.

small gift box templates

A while back Martha Stewart’s catalog had a teacup and saucer made out of barley candy which was right out of a fairy tale, or maybe Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I found some like it at Timberlake Candies – they have a few sizes of barley candy teacup and saucer sets, and take a look at the barley candy mini spoon meant to sweeten and flavor a hot drink.

a knitted pie!

recipe to try very soon – curry roasted chick peas, at Words to Eat By

The edible candy cane shot glasses are back at Urban Outfitters, we waited until they went on sale after Christmas last year and used them for New Years. update: Craft & Bake reports they can be found in the Target dollar bins, thanks! We also got the Rudolph set, complete with tree, on sale to use as an alternate to a nativity set. (Oh the emails I might get about that.) Also, take alook at the Charlie Brown Pathetic Tree.

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