Not Martha


I have become obsessed by pumpkin shaped cake pans. I want one, but I know I won’t use it enough to be worth storing. But I want one. Williams-Sonoma has this nicely plump number, the great pumpkin cake pan (view the resulting cake). The Baker’s Catalogue has a cast aluminum pumpkin cake pan one which has a bit more rustic style to it (see the cake). I suspect this is the same one the Martha Stewart site had a few years back. And they mention a kicker for me – “bake a big loaf of bread, perfect for hollowing and filling with dip.” I wonder if I could do pumpkin shaped pumpernickle? There is always the two-bundt-cakes trick, and the Kraft Foods website has this nicely decorated number which is cutely squat and uses a regular bundt pan.

The Baker’s Catalogue also has the Twinkies like snack cake pan, which I note because the current issue of Chow Magazine has a recipes for making your own snack cakes and they use a similar pan which they mention they found at Williams-Sonoma but which I know is not there any longer.

One more baking thing – I recently purchased one of those tapered French rolling pins and Scott noted that the manufacturer, Vic Firth, started out making drumsticks.

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