Not Martha

96 cupcakes

Last night I managed to roll and cut out the pastillage stars and bake around 100 cupcakes, here are 96 of them. Having the divided dry ingredients made things so much easier, yay me! How much do I love the cupcakes containers? Much. They’ll make transport far easier. The stars are stacked between layers of parchment and stored inside a mostly airtight container. Tonight I make a massive amounts of buttercream, decorate, and we’re off to the party.

If I hadn’t managed to get these cupcake trays I would have used the large shallow rectangle Rubbermaid Take Alongs. They hold 12 cupcakes pretty well, and are deep enough for some taller frosting.

Something I stumbled across while looking for cupcake transport – Ziploc makes huge storage bags, the boxes show pillows and sporting goods fitting inside. I’m guessing they’d work well for yarn and fabric storage for the fiber obsessed.

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