Not Martha


The latest Martha Stewart Kids (Fall 2005) has some great Halloween cupcakes, I love the tentacles. But my question is: where did they find the dark brown cupcake liners? I keep coming across this question, usually for someone looking for them to do wedding cupcakes — see this post at Cupcakes Take the Cake. The liners in question are dark brown glassine like the little candy cups in an assortment box, or the wrapper on Reeses cup. Apparently Sprinkles in LA uses them (another). I’ve become curious and done some poking around, The Baker’s Catalogue carries unbleached cupcake liners which are a little darker, and apparently Bon Appetit used Pannettone cups for a wedding cupcake spread. I have seen brown striped with gold cups like these at Home Cake here in Seattle. The Martha Stewart Kids doesn’t list sources. I’ve gone from mildly curious to mildly obsessed. Does anybody know if the general public can buy these anywhere?

update: That was fast! Lisa found brown cupcake liners at Confectionery House. Thanks Lisa!

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