Not Martha


The birthday party cupcake making has begun. Last night I made the pastillage (from the recipe half way down on this page, I think it’s from The Cake Bible). I made two batches, divided each into half and quickly wrapped them tightly in plastic wrap, put them in tupperware and now they are in the fridge, waiting. I used up the rest of my bottle of food coloring (AmeriColor Super Red). The palms of my hands are stained carnage-pink. I’ll roll it and cut it the night before the event.

On Friday night I went shopping for ingredients and managed to get a stack of nifty clear cupcake containers for free from the baking department. (Like the ones down on this page which I was too late to purchase.) It helped that I asked if I could purchase them, and that my cart was full bags of sugar and flour and ten pounds of butter. It probably also helped that it was 10 p.m.* so I wasn’t holding up any customers, and everybody from the actual bakery department was long gone.

* I didn’t mean to spend my Friday night shopping, but there was this whole finding
pizza fiasco and by the time we got to the grocery store it was late late.

The latest game I’ve become addicted to is Professor Fizzwizzle, I like it so much I purchased the full game. Thank you, me.

Otherwise I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver on DVD, and reading Alton Brown books and experimenting with pizza dough – should I just dump a bunch of ingredients on the counter, knead it and stick it directly in the oven? Or should I carefully weight each ingredient and allow it to rise at least twice, once preferrably overnight, before shaping and resting before baking? I’m obviously still working on what type of a cook I might be.

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