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Some things I’ve been meaning to post about for ages (and a few from last week):

For a few years Scott searched for a little wallet that would hold just a few cards, forcing him to avoid the Costanza wallet phenom. He found the perfect one made by Sugabeats – ta da, the card holder. He got black with a red star (do we see a pattern?). Scott uses it all the time and loves it, the clear pocket on the back is perfect for flashing your id on the way into a 21+ show. About a year later this one made by Coach appeared. Needless to say, the one from Sugabeats is a bit more affordable, but should Scott ever suddenly become, say, a lawyer, the Coach one might be more appropriate. via Uncrate, I think.

A gazillion ways to tie your shoelaces at Ian’s Shoelace Site. via kottke. I also found the Lacing for a Better Fit stuff at New Balance helpful for my high arch lace pressure ouch thing.

I heart Campari, and Accidental Hedonist has a post about the history of Campari. See also, my favorite cocktail (well, aperitif) the jasmine.

While looking around for opinions on liquid bandages I found some helpful information on how to deal with split nails here on a forum for balloon twisters. My nails tend to split under the fleshy part (ouch!) and on occasion I have resorted to a combination of nail bandages (small clear oval stickers you can occasionally find in the manicure section of drug stores) with a fake nail glued over it. I think I’ll try a dot of superglue next time.

Jelly Yarns. I can almost see the handknit fetish wear. Thanks to Anne for pointing me to it.

Food Chronicles has a side by side photo comparison of the regular mm&s and the new giant mm&s. I find it a little depressing that the giant mm&s, which are meant to appeal to adults, seem to coordinate well with the beiges of the office cube world. (side note: I found those same little bowls at Ikea and couldn’t not buy some for myself. I caved to the cute. Also, pointlessly tiny creme brulee, yes?)

Instructables, a site with lots of how-tos for, oh gosh, everything. Very impressed. Source is lost to me, but my thanks.

Lifehacker tries out that boiling an omelette in a bag thing, and it works!

FoodieView, a recipe search engine including food blogs. Oh yes, yes! Not surprisingly, I forgot where I first saw this but (say it with me), thanks.

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