Not Martha


Things I’ve been all Fan Girl over lately. Serenity, missed getting into a screening by thismuch. Whatever Kevin Smith has been up to lately. Waiting patiently for Dreamfall, while watching closely for Ragnar Tornquist to drop hints. Family Guy is back! I was really pleased to find that Julia Sweeney keeps a blog (warning: Flash, gotta click to get to it) and that she’ll be putting out some of her latest stuff on cd soon Every time I read about her show I’m gripped with the desire to buy plane tickets to LA, quick! I’m still processing the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie, I’ve been a fan of Douglas Adams since I stumbled across one of his books accidentally shelved in the childrens section of my hometown library where I worked as a page. Lastly, I am completely devastated to find Ira Glass is getting married.

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