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Lip balm can save your life.

Clever beach umbrella anchor, I like the suggestion that it could use a cupholder.

People are using Google maps satellite photos and Flickr Notes to annotate maps of areas they know — memory maps. This looked really familiar so I sifted through some old stuff and may I present a rather crudely done satellite map of the neighborhood that I grew up in which I first put up on a web site in August of 2001. Oh yeah, I’m so ahead of the times.

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I need help remembering the name of a long gone magazine. I ran across the first few issues in Borders in Cleveland, it was the mid or late ’90s. The first issue of the magazine included and editors letter which recounted agonizing over whether to start a magazine, taking a friend on a break to a cabin to decide on the name of the magazine, deciding on “Jane… not for Dick”, then finding out that Jane magazine was launching that same month and having to start over to name her magazine. I think the magazine was started by people who missed Sassy. In a later issue they acknowleged it was difficult to find the magazine on stands because the stores couldn’t figure out if it was to be shelved with the womens interest magazines or under lifestyle. Other than that I remember it was cool. Anybody know what I’m talking about?

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While looking at pictures of cupcakes I ran across this picture of a clever pie by My Beloved Monster. Also check out her Flickr set of the opening of a Kinder Egg!

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Some people created a spoof site of Boing Boing called Boring Boring — and included in the fake blog posts is one about knitting:

Take your knitting needles on a plane

Math geek knitting alert! Boring Boring reader Rose has concocted a pattern for knitting a representation of two-dimensional space. She writes, “I started out trying to knit four-dimensional space, and that was really confusing, so I decided to start with something less ambitious. These samples are just a proof-of-concept; the real one shouldn’t have the border, since it will be infinite. (I figure I’ll start on it next week.)” Photos are here, and if you want to make your own, here’s the pattern:

  • row 1: knit across row
  • row 2: purl across row
  • repeat these two rows

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