Not Martha


I’ve seen a few different handbags with lights inside, including one that had something like an indiglo panel on one inside wall. The other day I found a bag at Target that had one of those tiny squeeze keychain led lights attached to the inside. Definitely something you could rig on your own.

How to freeze cilantro. Includes a little bit of helpful information on the difference between cilantro and coriander.

Korean barbecue dos and don’ts at The Food Section, which I heart.

Saucy magazine recently started up and it’s great. This blurb is from Orangette: “updated daily, Monday through Thursday. Saucy pulls together a bit of something for everyone, from (cook)book and magazine reviews to columns on drinks, gardening, baking, host(ess)ing, and practical cooking. Plus, there’s a cheese of the month feature! If that doesn’t make you happy, you’re just a very picky eater. I hope that you’ll make Saucy a part of your daily rotation.”

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