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Really tiny cheeseburger!

There is so much tiny food around, it makes me happy. Thanks to everybody who wrote in with suggestions, and thanks to those who pointed me to a spread in the Summer 2003 Martha Stewart Weddings magazine of enchantingly tiny food by Callahan Catering. They have the littlest cheeseburgers, fries, grilled cheese, club sandwiches and popsicles. Go see scans of all the pages (note: PDF if you want to look closer), and look! tiny fruit pies! I really wish there was something in the pictures of the donuts and the pies to indicate scale, I bet they are even smaller than they seem.

The Martha Stewart web site doesn’t have pictures, but they do have all the recipes for the mini hors d’oevures. Joy!

Some more good tiny food stuff. Do a search for “mini” at The Baker’s Catalogue and you find pans for mini hot dog buns and hamburger rolls, as well as madeleines and loaf pans. Sur La Table has some 2″ tartlet forms with straight (not fluted) sides that look like a tiny tiny pie pan. The book Sweet Miniatures has recipes and cooking advice, I must check it out.

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