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Really tiny cheeseburger!

There is so much tiny food around, it makes me happy. Thanks to everybody who wrote in with suggestions, and thanks to those who pointed me to a spread in the Summer 2003 Martha Stewart Weddings magazine of enchantingly tiny food by Callahan Catering. They have the littlest cheeseburgers, fries, grilled cheese, club sandwiches and popsicles. Go see scans of all the pages (note: PDF if you want to look closer), and look! tiny fruit pies! I really wish there was something in the pictures of the donuts and the pies to indicate scale, I bet they are even smaller than they seem.

The Martha Stewart web site doesn’t have pictures, but they do have all the recipes for the mini hors d’oevures. Joy!

Some more good tiny food stuff. Do a search for “mini” at The Baker’s Catalogue and you find pans for mini hot dog buns and hamburger rolls, as well as madeleines and loaf pans. Sur La Table has some 2″ tartlet forms with straight (not fluted) sides that look like a tiny tiny pie pan. The book Sweet Miniatures has recipes and cooking advice, I must check it out.

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Last night we made tiny pies in mini muffin tins. It was so fun! and yummy!

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Slightly strange question — I’ll looking for links or pictures of people making meals out of miniature foods (real, edible foods) just for the hell of it. You know, like if you wanted to pretend you were a giant? I googled for a while and the only example I could find was Giant Martin and His Dinner (meal up close). I’m thinking out a meal with little chickens and Brussels sprouts, maybe mini carrots? tiny dinner rolls? and am curious what other people have done. If you know of anything like this (wacky or fancy, everything accepted) please do let me know.

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Going along with the whole twinkie sushi thing, Williams-Sonoma is selling a Cream Boat Pan kit with sponge cake and cream filling recipes, just like Twinkies but anything you make yourself will be better for you.

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Last night I went to a vegetarian sushi making party, everything was delicious and it was so much fun to make!

But of course I couldn’t resist making twinkie sushi to take along. More pictures and links to lots of faux sushi recipe variations here.

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Evany followed up on her post about a search to replace her perfect bag with a fabulous list of bag links. Looks like the winner is the offer of a reconstruction by Cinnamon of Poise, who has great bags for sale.

The Isaac Mizrahi Drop East West Totes at Target work really well as a single project knitting tote if you take out the inside bag (which is somewhat like a dop kit). The bag itself larger and sturdier than the pictures make it seem, and will easily stand up on it’s own. The only trouble might be a small inside zippered pocket. I bought the black and pink one today and I’m already at the stage of Maybe I Should Buy Another Just In Case love.

If you’re on the lookout for a larger knitting bag Amy makes a great vinyl knitting bag at Sugabeats.

And, The Bag Blog.

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all cupcakes, all the time

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I admire how useful and specific swiss army knives can be, see the one with a usb flash drive even. But this Miss “A” Kit makes me really happy — a mirror! and a pill box! and a flashlight! At the Bust Boobtique.

Also, the Wonder Woman cami and panties set is pretty cute. I’m pretty sure I had Wonder Woman Underoos when I was very little.

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This weekend we joined Costco. We managed to mostly restrain ourselves from buying big food but we did get a box of Tindindi wine. It’s ok, waaay better than the Franzia I remember my friends mom keeping in their fridge. But I like table wine, and I like the idea that this will stay fresh if I only want a little glass with dinner. I have to admit, I do kinda miss pouring the bottle, the spout just feels a little silly.

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We have now cooked two meals from Grace’s Kitchen (yummy frozen ready-to-prepare meals) and I am smitten. I am a highly incompetent and unimaginative cook and these are relatively inexpensive and leave me with no clueless moments. Besides, the tidy (and recyclable) box makes me feel pampered just a bit.

I have been using Netflix to slowly work my way though a few television series and this week I find myself at the end of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sex and the City. It feels too cruel mixed with middle of the winter blues.

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