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I really like this teeny tiny digital clock thingy. I don’t like wearing watches so much and my mobile is always out of battery juice when I need to check the time. via Pixiechick.

Useful? Vain? Mobile phone with a mirror.

Dunk Mug with a space just for cookies.

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I’m beginning to see the Java-Log lots of places. It is a firelog made from compressed coffee grounds, it burns brighter and emits less CO2 and soot. And it smells a little bit of coffee. Mmm.

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Following up on things.

After my first post asking about the sugar bubble technique from the Martha Stewart magazines I got an email from Blair Fukumura (I love the interweb). He offered some valuable tips, and let me know he’s filming a show for Canadian Food TV – lucky Canadians. So, as soon as I have time (we’re talking perhaps March) I’m going to actually try to learn to blow sugar bubbles. Yay.

The College Inn chicken broth was as good as promised — it wasn’t too salty or chickeny and didn’t have a can taste to it, and yet wasn’t bland. Here is my disclaimer – I know nothing about taste testing broth, I was raised in a cup of noodles world.

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A reason to not hate Starbucks – Buy Blue, a guide to which corporations gave which political party money.

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Which espresso machine is the best?

Threads on Ask Metafilter about which gaming console to buy – one, two.

Neutrogena On-the-Spot 2.5% benzoyl peroxide vanishing formula seems to actually work. (The 10% stuff made my face red and puffy, very much too strong.)

The Pies and Pints restaurant in Seattle is fun and cozy and has Strongbow and the desserts are amazing. I’m not a desert person but I’m going to go back for those.

In times of rush and stress I turn to little flash games, right now I can’t stop playing Crypt Raider.

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So, maybe, just maybe, the Food Network is going to show the sugar bubble thingy. I have conflicting reports that the technique is shown, but here is the what-when-where:

The Food Network, 10 a.m., Dec. 14th

Passion for Dessert with Jacques Torres

Episode JQ1A05

Tragically, I don’t have cable, and I won’t be getting it in the next five days (but I have thought about trying). So here is where I get whiny and clingy – pleeeeease oh pleeease could someone tape it for me? I’ll totally send you something cool in exchange. Puh-leeez? Pretty please? C’mon, please? If you think you can, write me at notmarthaATgmailDOTcom and I’ll be in debt to your kindness! I got it, thanks to everybody who wrote!

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Last night I got the latest Budget Living which has a bunch of great holiday stuff, especially the wreaths out of the Designer Challenge. I also picked up the first knit.1, by Vogue Knitting, it looks pretty good from my initial glance through.

The winter Knitty is up, and the pattern for the uterus doll already hit Boing Boing.

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Yay! Leslie Harpold is doing an Advent Calendar again this year – and today is all about the secret of Scottish Short Bread.

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