Not Martha


Last night I attempted to recreate an appetizer from Pies and Pints – freshly baked soft pretzels with a Welsh Rarebit sauce* for dipping them in. I used this pretzel recipe** and a pub fondue recipe from a book I have (beer and cheddar cheeses). It wasn’t nearly the same but still, yum. Homemade soft pretzels are totally worth it.

* Although, looking at this Welsh Rarebit recipe from Alton Brown I wonder if what we had was more of a mild but tasty Gruyere sauce thing.

** For smaller, cuter pretzels cut the recipe in half, but still divide the dough into 16 pieces. Also, they puff up quite a bit on the second rise so when shaping the pretzels make them sort of spindly otherwise you’ll end up with more of a dense roll than a pretzel – see my picture.

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