Not Martha


Last night I discovered that my boyfriend has never had green bean casserole, he’d never even heard of it (I know!). We were walking the aisles of our recently renovated and frustratingly rearranged grocery store seeking out a little can of French’s Fried Onions, another item he had never encountered, and trying to explain to him a food that had appeared on every holiday and pot luck table I’d been at ever was a little strange. He asked what French’s Fried Onions were, and I said they are like onion rings but more wimpy and they come in a tall thin can and they make a noise when you shake them.

I wonder if he’ll like green bean casserole, or if it’s one of those aquired tastes? I always thought of it as Midwestern thing, a survivor from the era when frozen vegetables were the new new thing and casseroles weren’t an occasional kitschy indulgence. But he grew up in a very Midwestern part of the country, the same part I grew up in, so that theory doesn’t hold up.

If you haven’t had green bean casserole it’s worth a shot, just pretend you’re living in the 1950s (?), here is the recipe.

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