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Pamie has launched the 2004 book drive, help out if you can.

I’m going to be busy this month so posting will be light to nonexistent.

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It’s just too hot for me today. On Friday I bought a bunch of grapes and froze them, something I hadn’t heard of until a few years ago, and now the bag is sitting next to like jewels of cold happiness. I’ll have to remember to get some frozen cherries next time I’m out, I have spied bags of organic (I think) ones in the freezer section of our grocery store.

Scott and I have been speeding through a list of things to do, including applying for passports, weeding like mad, and having a yard sale yesterday. I’m still in purge mode and it feels very good. Next I tackle a box of old papers that I labelled “Crap to Burn” about a year ago.

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Last week I finally got around to getting a Seattle Public Library card and I am delighted to find that thier web site rocks. I can see everything I have out, when it’s due, I can request materials to be sent to my branch for me to pick up and it lets me know when they have arrived and how long they’ll be there, they even have lots of recommendations. It’s like the of library web sites. I am so pleased.

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my first little clover

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A review of Teflon coated yarn for all weather use on Knitter’s Review. I missed this when it came out, via boing boing.

Fred Flare is having a Summer Snack Attack sale! 20% OFF the entire site 6/16 and 6/17 only with the discount code FREDFAN.06 — also I get word that the site is having some remodeling done to include new features, so please be patient with broken links and such.

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So, for the last two months I’ve been clicking on my link to Poise, only to get a hosting company page and wondering when she was going to launch her redesign. Silly me, my link was to her old MT page and she launched, like, ages ago. And the redesign looks really wonderful – go check out her and her purses!

One of my new favorite sites is Awful Cufflinks. Krissy of biggerKrissy and Tara of Plain Mabel review stuff and tell us about it.

Craft Pop is a portal for craft related sites, pretty neato.

Daily Candy today has a tip about using those white Staedtler erasers to get out stains on clothing.

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Hand-knit superhero costumes, and they’ll be in Seattle in August. Warning – bottom of the page NOT WORK SAFE due to hand beaded porn star cards, including some Bettie Page. via boing boing

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I finally got myself out to visit Stitches, a new fabric shop that also carries yarn and books and patterns. It was very warm and friendly place, I loved all of the fabrics they had, and they have tables in the back where you can work on your stuff. They have classes too, and Little Cabbage was nice enough to share the schedule she got via email here.

Stitches is on Capitol Hill at 711 E Pike St. near the Honey Hole and Good Vibrations. It has a very happy green and pink exterior.

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As if to answer to my plea, the Gap came out with a non-thong flip-flop type shoe – the Ribbon Slide. I’ve been wearing them all weekend and I like them so far. I’ve worn them to do most everything since Friday – around the house, walk to the park, trip around Belltown (Rummage to Top Pot) and Capitol Hill (Stitches to Lipstick Traces) and no blisters. However, as soon as I looked at the picture of these things, I knew that buckle would have to go, and I was right, it kept poking my toes when my foot would bend. The good news is that it’s very simple to remove just by snipping the tacking stitches from the underside of ribbon. I put some more pictures and observations on an I Can’t Wear Flip-Flops page, if you’re interested.

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Ladyfest Seattle is coming up and tonight is a Benefit Show. (A fashion show and an early night? Sounds good to me.)

Friday June 4th, 2004 Ladyfest Seattle presents a benefit show featuring The Hot Rollers, EWI, The Jezebel Diary, Orizon, Roundabout, along with a kick-ass fashion show and more!

$8, all ages / bar with ID

Doors 4:30 pm / Show 5:00 pm / Curfew 9:00 pm


109 Eastlake Ave. East

Seattle, WA

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I have fallen deeply in love with Prada lip balm.

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I got the Four-Leaf Clover Kit and they are sprouting! I do not have a good track record growing stuff so I’ve decided to keep it to small controlled bursts. I didn’t notice the little note on the side of the box until I got it home: “some seed packets may not yield a four-leaf clover.”

clover sprouts!

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