Not Martha


On Saturday Scott and I finally* got out to Uwajimaya. It was wonderful. We bought pork buns and mochi and some frozen dim sum stuff**, I resisted buying the bubble tea kit, but did get some bubble tea which came in a cute reusable cup (must remember to go back there are collect all of the colors). We headed home, made everything, and ate it while watching Lost In Translation***.

* We went out there a few weekends ago to check it out, only to find that there was a game and therefore No Parking Anywhere At All.

** Including one non-fishy kind for me which claimed to be soy bean thingers, but turned out to have lizardfish paste as an ingredient. What the hell is lizardfish?!

*** Note to Hee – you were right, she does not actually knit in the movie, she just has a mostly finished scarf.

And I got some cute candy:

so cute, so detailed, I still have no idea what the little plastic bottle is for, maybe just effect?

there were lots of kinds of these chocolate mushrooms with cookie stems, I had never seen them before but Scott had, he was holding out on me!

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