Not Martha


So, every time I see Marge on The Simpsons knitting she is using two long crochet hooks. She holds the needles like pencils pointed down at her lap and pulls the yarn up to her. I have seen someone knitting (with knitting needles and in real life) like this so the technique is strange but not incorrect. Are Marge’s crochet hooks just an animator not quite knowing what they are doing, or is this some rare knitting techinique I am unaware of? Is it a style of crochet?

I couldn’t find any pictures of Marge knitting, but I did find one mention via Google of teaching children to knit using crochet hooks. No instructions or pictures, just a brief description of a class. I also couldn’t find any long crochet hooks. I found a few mentions of Marge on Knitter’s Review, but nothing pointing out the strangeness. Anyone know?

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