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Yesterday I made the Chocolate-Mint Icebox Cake from Everyday Food and it’s yummy. It’s not too minty, and the wafer cookies soften to a cake like consistency. Note – if you, like me, don’t know quite what the “chocolate wafers” ingredient is, they are referring to Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers, they are in the cookie aisle, and come in a yellow box which is about the size and shape of a Carr’s Water Biscuit box. Here is a picture. Hey, the box is showing a similar cake, I forgot to check the box to compare it, does anyone know if the box has a recipe on it?

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Oh yes. Poochie Sushi.

I also like the Dog Voodoo chews.

[via Daily Candy]

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Earlier this week this site turned three years old, in dog years that is legal drinking age!

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I saw some colors of the impressive Midsummer Light hung in a shop window the other day. Doing some research I realized I had seen it’s predecessors the Wednesday Light and the Garland Light in the latest Budget Living Magazine. They were all designed by Tord Boontje, who has some amazing things shown on his site including the
Wednesday screen, the Fairy Tail which is a post card that folds out into a garland of flowers, and this Come Rain Come Shine chandelier. Also, peek at the stuff shown in Happily Ever After. He also collaborated on Transglass, a site I had run across a few weeks ago. Transglass offers items made from recycled beer and wine bottles. I like thier version of the bedside carafe.

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Williams-Sonoma is carrying these melamine mixing bowls in a very nice light pink in thier stores. I have a set of these and I love them and use them all the time.

You know how you don’t appreciate that things around you until you’ve moved away? I used to live a few blocks from the Wok Shop, which sold dozens of itty bitty adorable porcelein ginger graters (which are sadly not on the web site). Now looking for a ginger grater I cannot find anything nearly as cute. (Of course, I completely forgot to check and see if there were any at Uwajimaya.)

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On Saturday Scott and I finally* got out to Uwajimaya. It was wonderful. We bought pork buns and mochi and some frozen dim sum stuff**, I resisted buying the bubble tea kit, but did get some bubble tea which came in a cute reusable cup (must remember to go back there are collect all of the colors). We headed home, made everything, and ate it while watching Lost In Translation***.

* We went out there a few weekends ago to check it out, only to find that there was a game and therefore No Parking Anywhere At All.

** Including one non-fishy kind for me which claimed to be soy bean thingers, but turned out to have lizardfish paste as an ingredient. What the hell is lizardfish?!

*** Note to Hee – you were right, she does not actually knit in the movie, she just has a mostly finished scarf.

And I got some cute candy:

so cute, so detailed, I still have no idea what the little plastic bottle is for, maybe just effect?

there were lots of kinds of these chocolate mushrooms with cookie stems, I had never seen them before but Scott had, he was holding out on me!

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So, every time I see Marge on The Simpsons knitting she is using two long crochet hooks. She holds the needles like pencils pointed down at her lap and pulls the yarn up to her. I have seen someone knitting (with knitting needles and in real life) like this so the technique is strange but not incorrect. Are Marge’s crochet hooks just an animator not quite knowing what they are doing, or is this some rare knitting techinique I am unaware of? Is it a style of crochet?

I couldn’t find any pictures of Marge knitting, but I did find one mention via Google of teaching children to knit using crochet hooks. No instructions or pictures, just a brief description of a class. I also couldn’t find any long crochet hooks. I found a few mentions of Marge on Knitter’s Review, but nothing pointing out the strangeness. Anyone know?

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For National Carb Awareness Day I think I’m going to be aware of ice cream, or perhaps Twinkies.

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Food stuff – The Amateur Gourmet has declared tomorrow National Carb Awareness Day. There is even a Save The Carbs movie.

The Roasted Broccoli recipe in Everyday Food actually makes me like broccoli. Surprisingly yummy.

Why, oh why, can’t I find Morningstar Farms spicy black bean burgers anywhere around here?

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Is Creme de la Mer as great as it is hyped to be? Price aside, is it anything extraordinary? All I can find are starkly contrasting reviews, some people love it, others said it made them break out horribly. Paula Begoun says eh. Have you tried it? Is it to love, or to not spend money on?

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Yesterday Scott and I drove out to Frys where he bought parts (network card, video card, enormous hard drive) to put together a new computer for me. My main one is elderly and while functional, has been lagging a bit. Scott assembled the bits and within a few hours* I had a super duper machine which I will use for storage and computer games. I love adventure games, I played all the Kings Quest and Space Quest games way back. The games I have waiting for me, calling to me: Uru Ages Beyond Myst, Syberia, The Black Mirror, Runaway A Road Adventure, and Post Mortem. I am looking forward to Syberia 2, and Dreamfall, the long desired sequel to the incredible and highly recommended The Longest Journey.

* I find this ability of his to be incredibly sexy.

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I cut my hair and it’s too short and I’m sad. I’ll have to avoid cameras for the next month.

I love the Hummus Sandwich from one of the Everyday Food magazines, it’s good with sprouts added too. It is not good for picnics though, too many little bits to fall all over the place and attract frighteningly aggressive squirrels.

I’m researching embroidery machines, it’s utterly confusing. Like an entire new world.


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cute bento via boing boing and cute hot dogs via super eggplant

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How to Unravel a Sweater via The Morning News

R2 is to Rowan what CB2 is to Crate and Barrell, via Fluffa.

carrots entwined

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After I posted about love love loving those little Hostess Cupcake Containers seen at Snacks so much I must confess I followed up on the leads on where to get them. I had no luck at Safeway or Target, but Urban Outfitters had a bunch of the yellow ones on sale for $1, so I bought half a dozen. They are so cute! and perfect for holding things like hair elastics and my growing collection of plastic rings from The Carrot Box. But I am sad that I do not have a chocolate one. Boo hoo.

I’m thinking of putting together a list of flip-flop alternatives for those non-flip-flop people among us. Any suggestions?

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