Not Martha


The boy has been gone all week for his annual SXSW Extravaganza and my extra time has resulted, surprisingly, in eating really well. First there were the gingerbread waffles and after that I picked up the new Everyday Food magazine and made the roasted garlic potatoes, cobb salad and spinach penne (in my case linguine) with ricotta and pine nuts (not all on the same night!). The spinach penne would make a good date meal, it’s both yummy and doesn’t have garlic in it. The local grocery store usually carries bags of adorable little Key limes, and I had been thinking about Key Lime Pie when I ran across a link to Abraham’s Key Lime Pie (third one down) little cabbage. I was totally going to buy the bag of key limes, but I found a bottle of Nellie & Joe’s Key West Lime Juice in the store and figured eh. It was just after St. Patrick’s Day and I wanted to make the pie very green, but all I had in the house were black and orange food colorings, so I have a pumpkin orange key lime pie in the fridge. I have also indulged in bagels with cream cheese and Annie’s mac and cheese. When Scott comes home I’ll have to cut out eating cheese altogether.

[note to self: talk about all the pink stuff I’ve been running across lately]

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