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The new spring things at Posie are delightful. How much do I love the corsages? And, Posie has a sweet write up in the current Bust magazine!

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Last night I successfully used double-pointed needles, yay! And thanks to the Knitter’s Companion (the reference book I decided upon) I completely avoided ladders. Also I recently did my first cable, it was just a few inches of plait, but it was pretty darn exciting.

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Easter merchandise has appeared in the convenience-and-drug stores, it’s official, Cadbury Mini Egg Season is here!

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Last Friday I completely gave into third party web advertising and ate at Quiznos for the first time, if only to see the pepper bar (which was, at least in this case, merely a small collection of condiments which did indeed include three types of peppers, and was labeled “Pepper Bar”). Afterwards we went to Baskin Robbins to get Box of Chocolates ice cream which I read about over at Pop Culture Junk Mail. Box of Chocolates ice cream is “Premium milk chocolate ice cream with white, milk, and dark chocolate cups and hearts filled with caramel, fudge, marshmallow and raspberry.” It wasn’t good, but it was interesting.

Anyhow, if you haven’t seen the Quiznos commercials yet, and you have that freaky twisted type of sense of humor, go watch them at Quiznos web site. They were made by Joel Veitch at Rather Good, who you may know better as “that Viking Kittens guy”. The Quiznos thing was originally We Like The Moon, which I cannot stop singing and totally don’t mind. I am also drawn to the fearsome stomping Laibach kittens.

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This is beautiful – Flowers from anonymous donors are being delivered to SF couples waiting in line to get married. The cards read like this: “With love from Minneapolis, Minnesota.” It all started on Thursday when someone got the idea, and found a florist who agreed, he told someone about it, who told someone, who sent out and email to friends, who posted it on weblogs, and tada! the best meme of all time. The delivery is expensive, so someone else set up a donations page where you can contribute what you can. I first read about this Thursday on boing boing.

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The other day I decided I deserved a little bar of chocolate, you know, for the antioxidants. I set out and quickly found that those little nibby bars of Scharffen Berger aren’t as easy to find as in the Bay Area (where the company is located). In SF they were on every checkout counter. Here in Seattle it looks like I’ll have to take a special trip to get one.

In other chocolate news Nestle is reporting that they are going to offer curry KitKats – cumin and masala, also lemon cheesecake, liquorice, saffron and passion fruit. At the bottom of the article:

Scottish bottling giant Strathmore made chocolate-flavoured bottled water to entice children into drinking more for health reasons.

Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant, The Fat Duck, in Bray, Berkshire, offers egg and bacon-flavoured ice cream.

Food giant Heinz sells green and purple ketchup. Meanwhile, McDonald’s plans to sell a burger from meat alternative Quorn.

via boing boing

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If you live in Seattle come see Scott play at C&P Coffee Company in West Seattle this Sunday! The coffee house is quiet and cute and cozy and has a real live fireplace. I’ll be there with my knitting, and Scott will have his guitar (obviously). I think it’s going to be a wonderful afternoon. Details from Scott’s site (where you can also buy his album, or listen to MP3s of his music – go on!):

Sunday, February 22

C & P Coffee Company (in West Seattle)

3 – 5 PM, all ages, no cover, great vegan donuts and free wireless internet access!

5612 California Avenue SW, Seattle WA

C & P website | Map Link

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Check out these neato conceptual knitted cosies by Rebecca Vaughan that Ellen found.

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This lady, who lives just over on Bainbridge Island, pieced together an entire knitted vest for her ’67 Volkswagen Beetle for a parade. It even includes giant buttons.

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All of the pictures and personal stories coming out of the same-sex marriages in San Francisco make me really happy. They are taking place at City Hall, which is walking distance from my old apartment. I nearly wish I still lived there so I could go down and pass out candy hearts and good wishes. Here’s to hoping the couples are afforded a lifetime of wedded bliss.

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We watched Alien the other day and there is a shot of the egg just after it opens, inside is what is supposed to be pulsating alien bits, but I recognized (thanks to a segment on Marth Stewart where they make this recipe for country Duck Pate) them as caul fat (aka crepinette and Nottingham Lace (?)), stretched over a large chicken breast or something similar. Watching the special features revealed that I was right, and also that the bits of the face hugger they poked through were actually seafood and fish bits. I’m suddenly not so hungry.

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I am growing paranoid that Honda is targeting just me with a subtle marketing campaign. It seems that everywhere I go, yarn shops, fabric stores, that cute little Italian place just down the street, the local hardware store, parked just out front at a jaunty angle is a shiny new Metropolitan scooter. And all too often that scooter is the glossy orange color that makes me think of candy. I want to lick the scooter.

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Barbie and Ken are breaking up, and just before Valentine’s Day. (hee hee hee!!)

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Wow, chocolate sushi – via Pop Culture Junk Mail.

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Michel Gondry and Lauri Faggioni has done a video for Steriogram entirely out of yarn – knitted shapes and felt too. You can see it here. Apparently it was inspired by a picture of Johnny Rotten wearing a sweater knitted by his mother.

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