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My anti-superbowl activities for tomorrow: I Heart Rummage, maybe seeking out some bubble tea, and hopefully purchasing some waterproof boots.

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After our mostly unhappy large rug search last Fall, I really appreciate the stuff over at InterfaceFLOR – rug squares you can move and change around. The only bad thing I can think of is that you cannot get one of those super cushy rug pads to put underneath. Via

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I finally got a salad spinner – the OXO Mini Salad and Herb Spinner which Ugly Green Chair tipped me off to ages ago. It’s superteriffic – it is pump action and has a brake, and even has a rubber bottom for traction. Much less dangerous than the big red one I grew up with, that thing would get going so fast it would fly off the counter if it slipped out of your wet hands — and there was no way to stop it, you just had to hold on until it slowed down. I think this is little salad love.

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After spending some weekends sans new Netflix [What do you mean the next Buffy isn’t going to arrive until Monday?! How am I expected to survive under these conditions!] we upgraded to the 5-disc option and so far it’s sweet. I heart Netflix.

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I’m in need of some knitting examples. I’m looking for the best way to do increases down 2×2 (or 3×3 etc) ribbing – something along the lines of a top-down raglan, but more specifically I’m looking for increases along the top of the shoulder, in my case there will be a seam running down the shoulder. Also, the various stretchy cast-on and bind-off methods – I have tried out tubular cast-on (which is for 1×1 rib), and the one at the bottom of this pattern over at Girl From Auntie. Anyone happen to know of good stuff for me to take a look at?

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While I was listening to old shows of The Splendid Table I came across a segment with chocolate anthropologist (what a kick ass job) Maricel E. Presilla. She talked about what is considered to be the finest of all cacoas – Porcelana. She described them: “the flavor is intense, lingers, not a trace of astringency or bitterness or acidity”. Mmm. I must have. The site has a very general guide to chocolates containing Porcelana here.

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Sew Happy posted a link to Doggie Connection’s recipe page – 140 recipes for dog food. It reminded me that the latest Splendid Table did a bit on a new cookbook for dogs called Throw Me A Bone.

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Looking for a replacement wallet the other day (I want the pink one) I found these stacking foot stools. I kinda like them, I wonder if Ikea has something similar? I also like the nesting bentwood tables and cushions. (Note: since we’ll be moving again this year I cannot buy furniture, so of course I want some.)

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I have read two places that Russell Crowe has taken up knitting, here is one (last blurb). This Russell Crowe thing has gone around a few times due to that semi-famous picture with the knitting needles, I wonder if this is just an extension of that?

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Knit your own fry up! From the pages of the Jackie Annual 1979. Via Creazativity, check out her own bacon and eggs bag.

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This gorgeous dress made from entirely from abadoned umbrellas is spectacular. Note the rosettes which decorate the bodice are those little things from the top of the umbrella. I also like that the snap closures are left as decorative elements.

link via amelielabonne!

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The Stitch ‘n Bitch book was in Newsweek, you can get some behind the scenes info at, the site for the book.

[note: my internet connection is being strange and I cannot actually get to the article, so if the link is broken broken, and not just broken for me, please do let me know.]

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Free knitted Elvis wig pattern! (I forget where I found this link but thank you to whomever it was.)

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I’m fond of confections, I hope I’m using that word correctly. I’d like to learn more about making candy, but not necessarily all of that chocolate stuff. I’m talking working with sugar – marshmallows, sugar sculptures, sugar bubbles, sugar cages, shaped hard candy. Does anyone have book recommendations for how-to? What little browsing I’ve done so far turns up the Jaques Torres Desert Circus books, but his main thing is chocolate. Any references I’m being completely blind over?

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You can now buy Ginger Altoids from the Altoids web site, now I feel silly for having all those tins of it stashed in my freezer.

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