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I’ve seen a few people talking about these beaded stitch markers, and I saw some in my (soon former) yarn shop. But, do they snag the yarn? That is my suspicion. The how to make your own beaded stitch markers is also the best how to bead instructions I have run across (though I admit I havn’t been looking all that hard), and I’m happy it’s up there.

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While I’m in Seattle (San Francisco newspaper related site) is running a story on the first Peets opening in Seattle. A Peets which we have passed at least twice already.

So far our idealized concept of “walking around and seeing For Rent signs” is not quite working out, we’ll see, may come back homeless.

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I’ll be looking for a new place to live for the next few days – go see what people did at the 24 hour Blogathon. Jennie posted pictures and notes from her trip to Portland, which nearly makes me wish I was moving there instead. And the Pet Rock Star^s, Shannon and Scott, wrote and recorded two beautiful songs. The Blogathon has raised nearly $100,000 this year. Wow.

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The Blogathon is going on right now, check out what Jennie or Pet Rock Star^S are up to and show your support. And if you happen to be up, make sure they’re still awake around 4 a.m. It’s not too late to sponsor Blogathoners if you are so inclined, I believe you can even sponsor a few days after the fact.

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After I posted about getting some rings from The Carrot Box there was some discussion in the comments over too small/too large sizes. I was doing some research about wether to buy larger or smaller when you know the ring is chunky when I ran across this amusing discussion of how to get a person’s ring finger size without them knowing in order to buy an engagement ring. I lost track and didn’t find out – is there some common knowledge about when buying chunky rings should one buy larger or smaller?

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I have been snooping around the reviews (Productville) at Makeup Alley lately and I like the way the search is set up. I find the ability to sort by how many times the product has been reviewed is almost a better indication than the overall score. You have to sign up to look around, but it’s worth it.

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I read somewhere that a good way to declutter is to throw away (or put in a Goodwill pile) 10 things every day. If you’re cooking, pick out a few utensils you never use, etc. I’ve been doing this and it’s working quite well since it doesn’t activate my innter drill instuctor — “Ok People, when we’re done with this closet it’ll be completely bare except for ONE extra roll of toilet paper and a bottle of asprin so when you get a headache you don’t go whining to your Mommy, UNDERSTAND!? YOU don’t need those sponge curlers, what are you? A GIRL!?” This never works, I start to rebel against myself and keep four year old nailpolish because I bought it for a Halloween party I want to remember.

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The button down shirt I bought is itchy. I’m disappointed. I got it at Old Navy so I knew the risks when I bought it, but I was hoping it would be softer after it was washed. Should I try adding fabric softener to the rinse cycle? I’ve never tried this before, I’m kinda lo-tech in the laundry department.

I like this shirt (well, this one) because it isn’t too long, I’m short (5′ 2″) and have a squashed rib cage to hips area, which means most shirts are tailored too long for my frame and if they are fitted, they just bunch up where they sit on my hips. And, forgive me but I don’t want to tuck shirts in, so any shirt I try on which has the classic shirt length makes me look like I’m playing dress up in mommy’s clothes. I’ve tried the Petites departments in large stores, but have you seen those places? Why do they assume everyone who is petite is also skinny and 80 years old? On one special trip I was unable to find a button down shirt that didn’t have an anchor decoration embroidered onto it. Should I start buying shirts and rehemming the bottom 2 inches shorter?

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oven-baked french fries and how to sharpen knives and keep them sharp, both via the morning news

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How fabulous is Queer Eye For The Straight Guy? The apartment I’m moving out of indicates that I could use some help from these guys. And so does my hair. With any luck we’ll actually put stuff on the walls of the place we move in to, perhaps get rid of the hunter green chairs, and I may face furthur humiliation at the hands of a hairdresser (I have some pretty pathetic stories). After years of avoiding them* I bought a button down shirt the other day. I may even wear it! Progress.

*After eight years of school uniform Oxford shirts I decided I just could not wear them anymore. It’s been about 12 years since I’ve owned one. So of course once I want one, I’ve been having trouble finding ones which would fit me, darn all those fit models with their very long torsos and slender waists.

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Sofa Garden pillows are cool – I like coffee bean, bee hive, martini olive, conversation hearts. I seem to like oversized food. Via escribitionist, who points out possibly threatening uses for this one.

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Check out Evany’s cute fishtee. Oooh.

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I’m moving to Seattle! I mean, we’re moving to Seattle. Scott will be working for Amazon, and I’m coming along for the ride. Now, I need help. Help! We’re hoping to rent a house, which neighborhoods should we look in? Freemont, Green Lake and the University District have all been recommended. Oooh, there is so much to do in the next few weeks.

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Mattifying. I have oily skin and it’s often shiny before I realize it. I tried some mattifying liquid from philosophy (I can’t remember the name, and it seems that it is no longer available) which only make white spots on my face when I applied sunscreen. I’m finding that powder doesn’t work for me. Has anyone tried the mattifying stuff from MAC, Peter Thomas Roth, or Shiseido? Do they work? Reviews are very mixed.

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I got two rings from The Carrot Box (the Pink Lemonade Candy and Clear Candy band from this page) and I! Love! Them!

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