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A few weeks ago Pamie told her readers that the Oakland Public Library had lost it’s funding, and pointed out that the library had some Amazon wishlists. (Pamie, if you are not one of her gazillions of rabid fans already, is funny. And persuasive.) People started donating books, either sending them to the library or buying them off the wishlist. As a thanks Pamie would post the names on her site. The response was so strong that people began to notice, the library began to write thank you notes, other people began to buy books for thier libraries. Then the story got into the news, and it keeps growing. It’s all very cool. And I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon.

Our little online community had a similar good thing going on when the Natomas Middle School Library which Jennie is the sole librarian for (and one kick-ass librarian at that) needed things, you may even remember it (January 24th entry). Well, she just moved into a new building (after a painfully long wait), and she needs to fill it up. A few people have donated books already, grand kudos go out to Beth, Stephanie and Tim.

So, why not donate a book to Jennie’s library, the Oakland Library, or your own local library? Everybody’s doing it. I’m going to lift this directly from Pamie’s site:

Jackie found an amazon link where you can look for your local library.

There, you have no excuse, you don’t even have to leave the computer you are sitting at right now. And you get to feel all superior for at least a day.

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