Not Martha


I have another one to add to the Woolworks list of knitting references in books. From The Once and Future King by T.H. White:

Wart dragged himself off to the tower room, where Merlyn was busy knitting himself a woollen night-cap for the winter.

“I cast off two together at every other line,” said the magician, “but for some reason it seems to end too sharply. Like an onion. It is the turning of the heel that does one, every time.”

. . .

“Oh, Merlyn,” exclaimed the Wart, “please give me something to do, because I feel so miserable. Nobody wants me for anything today, and I just don’t know how to be sensible. It rains so.”

“You should learn to knit.”

. . .

“That’s good, because I wanated to mention that you have been knitting your beard into the night-cap for three rows now.”

. . .

“What didn’t you tell me before?”

“I wanted to see what would happen.”

“You run a grave risk, my boy,” said the magician, “of being turned into a piece of bread, and toasted.”

With this he slowly began to unpick his beard, muttering to himself meanwhile and taking the greatest precautions not to drop a stitch.

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