Not Martha


Remember that Williams-Sonoma foaming hand soap container I was so excited about a while ago? It stopped working, the pump would get stuck in the down position. When when I opened it up to investigate a tiny ball bearing popped out and hurled itself down the sink drain. So I bought some Dial Complete foaming hand soap. The good news is that the top of the Dial container screws right off. This is good news because the Dial soap smells so horrid. It smells like an airplane bathroom. You know, that smell that makes you feel bad for all the people sitting in the back ten rows of the plane. Dare I assume it’s the active ingredient Triclosan? So, I poured it out, rinsed it really thoroughly, added two or three tablespoons of the good grapefruit hand soap, filled it with water, shook it*, and now we we’re back to where we started. Also, the inside of the Dial foaming mechanism appears to be pretty much the same as the one from Williams-Sonoma, so I can scavenge the ball bearing and put it in the original pump, assuming I ever get it to not stick.

* These are the directions from the WS hand pump.

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