Not Martha


This month’s Real Simple magazine has an article about labyrinths in the United States (the article didn’t make it to their web site). Unfortunately, not the deep underground type with treasure and an angry minotaur. These are the type used to walk a spiritual path.

One of the labyrinths in the article is at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, which is one block up the hill from my current apartment. It’s so cool. There are two at Grace Cathedral actually. One, the one shown in the Real Simple article, is a giant tapestry they have laid out on the floor just inside the main doors. You can walk it (with your shoes off) whenever the cathedral is open (it’s somewhat of a tourist spot when mass isn’t being performed).

The other one is inlaid in stone just outside the doors, in a little elevated, shielded courtyard overlooking the Nob Hill park. It’s lovely, and always available. Here’s a photo, and another photo with my feet at the entrance. It’s definitely worth a visit. If you’re out there make a wish at the fountain, or take a swing, in the park. Then walk a few blocks West down California Street and get pizza at Front Door or noodles at Thai Kitchen, and catch a film at the Lumiere. Or, if it’s evening and you’re dressed ok, go two blocks to the West and have a drink at the Tonga Room.

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