Not Martha


I’m quite a bit behind with the television explosion of craft related stuff. I don’t get HGTV or the Learning Channel at all, and I only get The Food Network after 7 p.m. on weekdays, or somthing odd like that. So I’ve never seen Trading Spaces, and I’ve only seen a few episodes of Iron Chef. But last night I saw my first episode of Naked Chef and I’m hooked. I hope I have better basic cable at the new place (just a week and a half left until we move! perhaps I should start packing?)

But back to Naked Chef, not only do I have a huge crush, but the food he made looked soooo good: brunch breads (especially the Savory Rolled Bread of Parma Ham, Egg, Cheese, Egg, and Basil – it’s a breakfast pizza!) and salmon with herbs in newspaper which sounded soooo yummy despite the fact that I cannot eat fish even though I want to.

With access to these channels how does one not become obsessive about taping and saving each and every show?

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