Not Martha


Tragedy has struck my black Zucca scarf! But it was my own fault. I finished it on a train, and the cast off edge was too tight. I knew it was too tight but I had a few more stops to go and I wanted to wear it that night. So I went ahead and wove in the the end. Zucca is one of those fuzzy nylon/polyester – see for yourself here. It’s hard enough to see, maybe even extra hard when it’s black. I took it out this weekend to undo the end and start ripping away but this is easy only in theory. I could find the end, but I couldn’t find the point at which I secured the yarn through the last loop. I tugged, I examined it in direct sunlight, I attempted to backtrack as best I could with no luck. So I snipped the corner, and nothing would budge. I cut into one side edge and managed to open the yarn a little, but it wouldn’t start pulling apart. What did I do then? I cut the other edge thinking perhaps I had just got the wrong side to get it started. Same thing.

What did I do then? I cut the whole top end off (it was almost painful), hoping it would be easy to grab a hanging thread and rip it. This almost worked, almost. I managed to get it started, but I did the scarf on #8 needles (they suggest #10) and the yarn catches on itself and refuses to just be tugged out. Now, I could either tenderly unravel the whole thing stitch by stitch being careful not to pull. Or I could trash it and call the cost of the yarn a learning experience and go out and get more Zucca later. Guess which one I’m gonna do?

And so work continues on the fuzzy orange and pick Geisha scarf.

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