Not Martha


I have nails which are dry and split in the corners and ow it hurts when they catch on something. So, finding myself with another sharp little edge slowly and painfully ripping it’s way off I went to the drugstore to investigate options. I found silk wrap stuff, but it’s not a wrap, it’s more of a powder (?) you glue on kinda? I didn’t understand what it was so I didn’t buy it. But right there next to it were these cheesy little clear stickers one is supposed to apply over the split area therefore reducing eliminating the little edge which catches on stuff, and they work! They are tiny oval stickers, made of material rather like clear packing tape. I can’t a pictures of these little thingies anywhere. But they’re great.

I remember a reader suggestion in Sassy magazine about using the paper from a tea bag to strengthen nails. You were supposed to sort of glue it on using nail polish. This never quite worked for me, the paper would peel off.

Got any methods for preventing or fixing split nails? I could, ow, really use it.

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