Not Martha


To me, the Slow Food movement is just logical, it just makes sense. We spend so
much of our time rushing around that we’ve lost our connection with each other,
with the seasons, with our communities, and even with ourselves. Cell phones,
email, FedEx, faxes – everything is instant, we need everything NOW. Look at all
the self-help books and glossy magazines that have come out in the last few years
purporting to teach us how to simplify our lives. I believe that the best thing
that any of us can do for ourselves is to sit down and eat dinner every night – a
dinner that we cook ourselves, eaten with people that we enjoy. Not food that is
full of chemicals and not a dinner that we eat in front of the television.

The Slow Food movement is, in a large part, about pleasure, and in my opinion all
you need to do to find pleasure is to pay attention. Go to the farmer’s market
and look at the colors of all the people and all the vegetables. Smell how fruit
smells when it’s ripe and fresh. Notice the textures of lettuce and kale, the
different sizes of grapes and tomatoes, the fuzziness of peaches. Think about
where the food you eat comes from and who grew it and what the land looks like.
Pay attention to the way you prepare your food and pay attention to how it

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