Not Martha


Yay! It took a while but my little tin of pepper from the grocery store finally ran out – which means I get to go buy a pepper mill all of my very own! (I feel so grown up) I think I’m going to get a matching sea salt grinder. I don’t really like the traditional pepper grinder shape made out of New! and Modern! clear acrylic, though I suppose it is nice to see how much pepper is left. I am leaning towards this set – the infamous pepper ball because you can grind pepper into the pot with one hand so you don’t have to stop stirring your sauce. I have never made a sauce so I don’t know how valuable that feature is to me. These kind of match the multi-colored kitchen and dishes thing I have going on. Or I could go traditional.

update: Oooh has a very nice selection.

I need your recommendations! Oh wise chef type people which pepper mill fulfills your dreams and makes your life easier? (as well as scrubbing tile and eliminating acne)

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