Not Martha


I work on a keyboard all day long and I avoid using moisturizer on my dry hands because I can’t stand getting the spacebar greasy, so yesterday I broke down and bought a stick of Mustela baby moisturizer – the Hydra Stick. It’s in a mini deodorant-type container. I can apply it without getting my fingertips slimy! I’ll let you know if I end up liking it or not. I think these little sticks were trendy a while back with celebrities for thier lips (this vague memory is supported by the fact that I could only find this is a beauty supply store, not a drugstore). Although it smells (lightly) like old fashioned lipstick (is it the castor oil? candellila wax?) so I wouldn’t want to. Anyone got any other ideas for this little problem? What do you use?

I could make my own, I suppose. Majestic Mountain Sage has easy instructions on how to make a lotion bar and they sell a little lotion bar tube.

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